In the years since my first yoga class, I've met many people who came to yoga for the physical practice and ended up awakening to something far beyond the body.

I guess you could say I came in through the other door. A long history of spiritual inquiry and a deep interest in mysticism, meditation, and modes of alternative healing paved the way to my first experiences with yoga– where I was surprised to find a stronger, more resilient connection to my body than I'd ever had before.

Yoga invites in us a fuller sense of awareness in each moment– an opportunity to embrace and connect every part of our multifaceted experience, from the physical body to the nature of our spirit and beyond. It is about unifying these seemingly separate parts of ourselves in order to return to our true nature of wholeness. Wherever you enter your path to yoga, the full spectrum of benefits is available to you.

For me, the practice has awakened a sense of curiosity and wonder in the magic of the human experience. It has offered me a path to more ease and enjoyment, greater perspective, and more balanced wellness while giving me tools to foster a clearer, more honest and compassionate relationship with myself and others.

As a teacher and guide, my goal is to offer a deepened experience of connection and inquiry that is both spiritual and grounded– one which encourages your own experience of yoga to unfold within you far beyond the corners of your yoga mat. 

Wherever you are on your yoga path, my hope is that your practice helps you to discover your most vibrant life and a greater sense of wonder at the universe within and all around you. 

I'll meet you there. 




●Mindfulness‐based Yoga ●Meditation ●Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra ●Elemental & Subtle Energy ●Yoga for Teens ●Trauma‐informed yoga

Rachael Sage is a teacher of mindfulness‐based yoga, meditation, and subtle body practices at with over 500 hours of teacher training. A practitioner since 2004 and certified teacher since 2011, Rachael deepened her understanding of the healing and transformative aspects of yoga through her original 300‐hour foundation in Dharma Yoga (an inspiring fusion of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles with Buddhist meditation, including Shamatha and Vipassana).

She has been fortunate to study with many wonderful teachers who have inspired her practice and teaching, most notably: Keith Kachtick, Camilla Figueroa, Kelly Lindsey, Cosetta Romani, Michael Hewett, Hala Khouri, Seane Corn, and her greatest teacher on the path of the seeker & healer, her mom, Cay. Her own practice is also greatly inspired by the work and teachings of the 14th Dalai Lama, Lama Surya Das, Sakyong Mipham, and Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, as well as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein and numerous other spiritual leaders, writers, thinkers, and artists. 

Creating and holding empowering spaces for others to experience the living practice of yoga is important to Rachael and she strives to create safe and welcoming spaces through trauma‐informed practices, encouragement of self‐inquiry, and validation of all bodies and experiences. She is committed to offering students opportunities for deeper spiritual inquiry, and seeks to provide tools for healing, nourishing, grounding and rest that students can draw upon in any moment in their lives off the mat.

Students regularly describe Rachael’s classes as encouraging them to connect more deeply with themselves and moving beyond asana (poses) to experiences that feel inspiring, uplifting, restorative, and even magical. 


Rachael Sage, 500+hrs CYT


500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification
Twist Yoga, Edmonds

100-hour Advanced Certification
Dharma Yoga, Austin

200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification
Dharma Yoga, Austin

Reiki Master I/II & III
Northwest Healing Studio, Seattle

Foundations of Aromatherapy
New York Institute of Aromatic Studies

+ Trainings & Studies

Yoga & Vipassana Retreat (2018)
Teacher: Michael Hewett

Yoga Behind Bars : Trauma‐Informed Yoga (2018)
Teachers: Rosa Vissers & Jess Frank

Next Generation Yoga : Yoga for Teens (2017 & 2018)
Teacher: Mackenzie Studebaker
Yoga Nidra (2016)
Teacher: Michele Hausman
Vedic Thai Yoga (2016)
Teacher: Michael "Mukti" Buck

Applied Study of the Chakras (2015)
Teacher: Seane Corn

8-Week Women’s Circle: Regine de la Luna (2014)
Teacher: Cosetta Romani

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Underserved Youth (2014)
Teacher: Hala Khouri

Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga (2014)
Teacher: Janell Hartman

16-Week Buddhist Meditation Series: Discovering Prajna, Awakened Breath & Art of Attention (2013)
Teacher: Kelly Lindsey

Thai Yoga Massage, Yin & Restorative Yoga  (2011 & 2013)
Teacher: Camilla Figueroa

Words From the Treetrunkwise Community

I’ve practiced a variety of different yoga styles and found something special at Treetrunkwise Yoga. Highly recommended if you are seeking a deeper relationship with yourself and your practice. This is heartfelt yoga with a little magic.
— Monika G, Body-Centered Psychotherapist (Seattle WA)
Rachael is a beautiful guide for yoga that reaches beyond asana, to embody the spiritual principles of yoga. Her experience, her kindness, and her skill in other wisdom practices, make her classes unique.
— Heather Danso, Artist & Movement Teacher (Seattle WA)
Rachael is amazing. Yoga with her is a mind and body experience, not just a physical discipline. I leave her classes feeling more clear-headed, connected to my body, and relaxed and energized at the same time.
— Suzanne H. (Seattle WA)
Rachael creates an open community feel, introducing students to each other and taking time to make connections with each person in class. Her warmth and hospitality make me feel at ease and deeply cared for.
— Elsa NU, Real Estate Broker (Seattle WA)
I’d recommend Rachael to anyone who wants to find grounding in their yoga practice. She has a very calm, helpful, approachable teaching style and is a fantastic teacher.
— Zach H. (Seattle, WA)
I love the mindfulness tie-in in Rachael’s yoga classes. I think her teaching can make me a better meditator.
— Ryan L. (Seattle WA)
I wish I could have a personal yoga session from her every week!
— Jonathan C, Creative Carpenter (Portland OR)
I really enjoy Rachael’s approach of mixing physical challenge with calm, quiet space to reflect. I would recommend her classes as a source of whole-self health– not just stretches and muscular toning. They help improve mental and spiritual health as well.
— Todd V. (Seattle WA)
I wholeheartedly recommend taking a personalized yoga session with Rachael, which goes above and beyond any other classes I have ever taken before. She is thorough, caring, and very knowledgeable. Book an appointment with her and start healing!
— Mandi G, Owner at Yarrow Landscaping (Austin TX)

Yoga & Healing Offerings

Private Yoga & Meditation

These instructive sessions allow us to focus on your practice and where you want to shine light. We can work with your specific questions, dive deep into one aspect of the practice, or just give you a well-rounded class that is all your own to savor. In addition to more traditional options of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Mindfulness Meditation styles, you may also choose to use your time to practice of Yin and/or Restorative Yoga as well as Yoga Nidra (guided meditation). In the interest of keeping these practices accessible to all, scholarships are available for yoga & meditation instruction; Please inquire.

75 min . . . $80
New client special: 3 Sessions . . . $210

Deep Healing Session

This is a deep healing cocktail– a powerful blend of elements that may include anything from yoga, energy work, and aromatherapy, to creative meditations, intuitive work, and elemental cleansing practices– or a deep, healing focus on any of these. After communicating about your specific needs and desires for your time, we'll tune deeply into the energy of the moment to creatively alchemize a healing session as unique and magical as you are. 

60 min . . . $90
90 min . . . $120

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