Kind Words

Treetrunkwise Yoga is sunshine for your soul. More like a lab of alchemy and magic than a simple yoga studio, Rachael is the fortune teller who sees your soul, who gets you to tell your own fortune, to build your own life. Using yoga, meditation, tarot, and one of the best hearts around, she creates a space for experiences. Sometimes those experiences are simple and calm and sometimes they are life-altering revelations. Either way, they are always exactly what you need.
— Sarah G, Filmmaker & Teacher (Hollywood CA)
Rachael’s warm demeanor and uncanny gift of compassionate listening creates a peaceful, welcoming, safe place where my anxiety is soothed and I always feel uplifted and rejuvenated. Working with her has given me tools that will forever help me cope with the daily stresses of life– and the gift of reconnecting with myself.
— Sarah F, Teacher & Graduate Student (Austin TX)
Full of intuition, talent, intelligence, warmth, wisdom, and passion for teaching others, I whole-heartedly endorse Rachael at Treetrunkwise Yoga to become your personal guru!
— Staci Duhan, Business Owner (Austin, TX)