As is the experience of many people, my first introduction to the Tarot (around the age of 11) was shrouded in myths. But something about the idea of the cards intrigued me and rooted itself in my mind long before I ever found myself in the presence of an actual deck.

A decade later, a friend brought out Tarot cards and we took turns drawing and reading from her giant tome of a book. Not much came of our “reading” besides some fun, but having held the cards myself, I felt the symbols had some deeper meaning than what the book offered. The experience ignited my curiosity about the true nature of the Tarot and, though it would be a few more years before I bought my own deck, I dove into reading and learning what I could about the Tarot and its mysterious messages.

What I know now, after more than two decades of working with Tarot and symbology (numerology, astrology, archetypal, dream state, etc) and deep intuitive practices, is that the real magic of Tarot emerges from ourselves and what we bring to the experience. When we come with a sense of openness and curiosity, the timeless symbols in the cards invite us to connect with a universal wisdom that flows from a deeper, divinely connected part of ourselves. 

Just like yoga, intuition is part of a life practice that continually evolves to uncover the many layers of our multi-faceted being. Developing the ability to connect with this part of ourselves naturally brings about more peace, clarity and positive direction in our lives, and helps us move closer to our life's purpose.

My work with Tarot offers a collaborative space with great potential for healing and shifts in perspective. My goal is to create a safe space where important insights can emerge as we journey through the symbols and vibrations of the cards and uncover how they relate to you in this moment.

Grounded in a deep knowledge of the cards and a seasoned practice in bringing them to life, I work with the subtle energies that arise during your session to greatly deepen your potential for healing shifts in patterns of thoughts, energy, and karma, and to support the continued integration of important insights. Long after our time together has ended, you'll feel ready to move forward on your path with a clearer mind and a stronger heart.

I look forward to joining with you in this transformative space of discovery and direction– 


Susan Moore, of Healing Effects Tarot Radio, talks to Rachael about her view of Tarot as a healing practice, why she prefers collaborative readings, and how she uses yoga and other healing modalities to go deeper in her readings. 

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Oh my goodness, Rachael, THANK YOU so very much for my AMAZING reading yesterday. You are extremely gifted and insightful. Your caring nature and wonderful energy helped me to really be open and appreciate the wisdom that you and the cards had to offer, and helped validate my intention to be true to my heart no matter what happens!!!
— Susan M (Seattle, WA)
Rachael does a Tarot card reading like no one else I’ve experienced. She helped me to understand that all the cards form a picture, a tapestry, and they are all inter-connected through me, the client. I felt like this gave me a more holistic view and gave me the tools for inquiry as opposed to jumping to conclusions. It was a beautiful combination of magic and logic – I loved it! She’s a gem.
— Kat K (Ireland)
Thank you Dear Rachael! My initial reaction is wow; I am at a loss for words. You are so in touch with a fifth sense that most people can’t reach. I am so impressed and can not thank you enough for this reading– truly a life changing gift.
— Mandi G (Austin, TX)
Your last reading gave me the confidence to start my own business... and business is great! So Thank you!
— Erica R (Austin TX)
Rachael offers such a wonderful presence with her tarot readings. She is incredibly kind, curious and professional, which offered a safety and a spaciousness to know whatever truths might emerge in the process. I was deeply moved by my experience with her, and have begun some important shifts in my approach to my world.
— J (Seattle, WA)
[Your reading] helped focus and ground me immensely, and it also motivated me to get rid of a lot of possessions I needed to let go of physically and emotionally. It was amazing and I really needed it!
— Bobbi D (Florida)
Our time together was amazing, Rachael! I left feeling inspired, held and prompted with ideas for real action. Anyone seeking clarity with their path could benefit from your wisdom and grace. Sending gratitude and much love!
— Linda D (Shoreline, WA)
Rachael’s compassion is a welcome backdrop to her thoughtful approach to tarot. She creates an inviting space as warm and beautiful as her heart. Most of all, she’s real. She takes the practice seriously while offering a refreshing perspective and welcomes discussion throughout.
— Nalisha R (Seattle, WA)


Private Tarot Sessions

60 min . . . $80
90 min . . . $100

Journey to Transformation Package
6 Tarot Sessions within 12 months . . . $360

The Journey to Transformation Package offers an amazing opportunity to create real transformation and manifestation in your life journey. You'll receive SIX powerful sessions over a 12 month period*, including a 90 minute initial reading, during which we'll talk about your dreams, goals, challenges, and blocks as you enter a period of intentional growth and change. Subsequent readings are 60 minutes and will offer opportunities for reflection on the period since the previous reading as well as allowing new insights to emerge to move you toward your goal.

Combining consistent check-ins with mindful action steps and timely shifts in perspective, this package will put you on the path to success and has the power to transform your life! *All sessions must be scheduled within 12 months of initial purchase date. 1st session 90 min; following sessions 60 min each . . . $360 ($500 value)


My readings are not predictive or psychic and should not be interpreted as such. I am a firm believer in agency and in our own creation of destiny. I am also a firm believer in karma and its direct relationship with our actions, words, and mental patterns. I view our time together as an opportunity to illuminate what is True and to empower you to connect more with that part of yourself as you move forward toward any goal that supports the highest good. 

Connection and openness are important in my readings, therefore I do not do readings for third parties. If your question relates to your relationship to another person, we will view the question through the lens of your perspective rather than theirs. For this reason, I also do not do readings for pets, ancestors, or those who have passed into the next realm. 

I am not a doctor or mental health counselor; I do not do readings about physical health issues except to offer insight into underlying karmic aspects or energetic patterns of any issues. This information is never prescriptive and it is never meant to replace care from a physician or other licensed health professional.