There are no ordinary moments.

– Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman



Your Life. Your Path. Your Moments.

Every day, life gives us opportunities to pause, to observe, to honor, to celebrate, to grieve, to connect, and to reawaken. Sometimes these moments are big and enveloping; often they are small and simple. Each of them comes only once in a lifetime.

As we pause and take in the fullness of our experience, connecting to the potential that exists in a simple moment of paying attention, we get to decide which parts of our lives will become the moments that shape us and the memories that carry us.  

When we look deeply at our human experience there are all kinds of moments of awakening, of letting go, of transformation, of commitment and re-commitment, of the birth and death of parts of ourselves, and of celebrating our connections to family, community, and all of life. 

There are no ordinary moments when we are truly present to the magic of each breath. Whatever you are celebrating today, whatever you are grieving today, whatever you are pausing to pay attention to in this moment of your singular path, know that it is all worth honoring. 

Let's hold this moment up to the light and let it shine. 


Ceremonial Officiant

Known for her poetic and deeply resonate way of speaking about the tenderness of the human experience, as well as her gift of humor and lightness (and an uncanny knack for putting people at ease), Rachael Sage offers a welcoming, grounded and spiritually aware approach to ceremony and gathering.

Rachael has a natural ability to connect with people. An intuitive and healer, she is highly attuned to the emotions and energies of others. Coupled with her strong listening and communication skills, this allows her to bring a sense of trust, openness, clarity, and comfort to any interaction. A gifted writer, speaker, linguist, singer, yoga teacher and guide, she brings over 25 years experience of holding gathering spaces and offering her gifts of creative expression within them. 

In 2014, Rachael undertook an intensive 8-week spiritual training with a wonderful small group of women under the mentorship of yogini and shamanic practitioner, Cosetta Romani, during which time she greatly deepened her understanding of sacred ceremony, ritual elements, and authentic speaking. 

She is ordained by the Universal Life Church in California to officiate weddings, births, memorials and other important life events, and is also available for readings, songs, blessings, invocations, and ceremonial offerings. 

* Photos in this section by Jennifer Richard Photography and Per Nilsson, respectively.


A Natural Place :Discovering Sacred Ceremony in the Wake of Death

The first time I found myself holding space before a huge gathering of a recently bereaved community I was 21. My best friend, Katherine, had just died at the young age of 20 from complications of an aggressive brain tumor. Aware of her own mortality, she had invited a few close friends to help her plan what she was calling her "going away party." . . .