Hello, fellow seeker

For as long as I can remember I've had a profound sense of connection to spiritual and mystical realms. Highly sensitive and intuitive since childhood, many of my earliest memories involve some form of meditation, prayer, or intuition. A sense of wonder and curiosity about the language of the Universe has always been at my heart center. 

Growing up in Austin, Texas, my family home was filled music and books, introducing me to a variety of great thinkers, philosophers, artists, naturalists, mystics, humanitarians, and enlightened beings from our time and times before us. Gandhi, Jesus, Ram Das, Edgar Cayce, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, and J.R.R Tolkien (to name just a few) all had their words on our bookshelves or their pictures on our walls with equal respect. 

This broad, creative, and varied approach to the quest for spiritual wisdom still resonates deeply with me. I am fascinated by the many ways humans have found to express an understanding of the same essential human experience and of Universal principles like love, divinity, and connectedness. 

Nature was also a centering point in my childhood. With a beautiful lake and its surroundings as my playground, I became aware and curious about the divine and mystical connection between humans and the natural world, and I found myself turning there intuitively for comfort and guidance. Nature is still an incredible source of inspiration to me and I am deeply interested in how we can bring about a more spiritually attuned life through our relationship to Her. 

As free-spirited as my childhood was, I had little in the way of instruction or tools to help me understand my intuitive experiences, which were often overwhelming, ungrounding, and anxiety-inducing. I leaned on self-created practices of candle gazing, incense burning, prayer, connection with nature, and singing to calm me and restore my sense of ease. I didn't know until much later that these are ritual practices of the world's oldest spiritual traditions, and they are foundational practices of yoga– the practice of unifying the fragmented parts of ourselves in order to return to our true, infinite nature of wholeness and perfection.

I believe that as human beings we have an innate ability to intuit what is most needed to bring about that state of wholeness and balance within ourselves. I see myself as a guide who seeks to empower that process within you. I am honored to create and hold a sacred space in which you can feel open to exploring the deepest, most expansive aspects of yourself and your connection to the natural universe.

Whether in a class, on a retreat, or working together in a private setting, I hope to offer you both grounded, practical tools and insights to support you in your everyday life, and a greater sense of wonder at and connection to the magical universe within you. 

From that place in me to that place in you, Namaste


With great humility and gratitude, I bow to my life's many teachers in all of their forms. Thank you for shining your light and your wisdom so that I could find my own. 

Special thanks to my mom, my first spiritual teacher and the one who showed me this path and always believed in my magic: I carry you in my heart; May we continue to work in the light together. L O V E ∞