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Rachael Sage Payne

A practitioner since 2004 and teacher since 2011, Rachael developed a deep connection to the spiritually transformative aspects of yoga through her original 300‐hour foundation in Dharma Yoga (an Awareness-based practice inspired by Jivamukti and Anusara yoga traditions as well as Tibetan Buddhism, founded by Keith Kachtick in Austin, Texas). Since then, she has accrued over 500 hours of teacher trainings and continues to be an engaged student of integrative (Mind-Body-Spirit) healing practices.

Creating and holding empowering spaces for others to experience the living practice of yoga is important to Rachael and she strives to create safe and welcoming spaces through trauma-informed practices, encouragement of self-inquiry, and validation of all bodies and experiences.

She is committed to offering yoga in a way that provides tools for healing, nourishing, grounding and rest that students can draw upon in any moment in their lives off the mat, as well as offering a doorway to deeper spiritual inquiry. Students regularly describe Rachael’s guidance as helping them to connect more deeply with themselves, while making yoga relatable and creating experiences that feel uplifting, empowering, restorative, and inspiring.

A practitioner of Reiki energy work, aromatherapy, and a variety of meditative and intuitive healing practices, as well as ritual and ceremony, Rachael offers a deepened experience of connection and that is both spiritual and grounded.

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    • Right relationship with body (wellness & body-positivity)
    • Practices to improve focus, concentration and sleep
    • Regulating physiological responses to stress & anxiety
    • Working with difficult emotions in a validating, constructive way
    • Healthy connection & social practices

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Heather Danso, Artist & Movement Teacher (Seattle WA) “Rachael is a beautiful guide for yoga that reaches beyond asana, to embody the spiritual principles of yoga. Her experience, her kindness, and her skill in other wisdom practices, make her classes unique. I highly recommend Rachael– and you would also love her emails of heartfelt, inspired teachings.”
“I’ve practiced a variety of different yoga styles and found something special at Treetrunkwise Yoga. Rachael offers creative instruction which is both mindful and deeply rooted in developing a stronger relationship with our bodies and our environments. Her nightcap classes offer sweet relaxation and her workshops are magic. Highly recommended if you are seeking a deeper relationship with yourself and your practice. This is heartfelt yoga with a little magic.” Monika G, Body-Centered Psychotherapist (Seattle WA)
“I really enjoy Rachael’s approach of mixing physical challenge with calm, quiet space to reflect. I would recommend [her classes] as a source of whole-self health– not just stretches and muscular toning. They help improve mental and spiritual health as well.” – Todd V. (Seattle WA)
“I love the mindfulness tie-in in Rachael’s yoga classes. I think her teaching can make me a better meditator.” – Ryan L, (Seattle WA)
“I’d recommend Rachael to anyone who wants to find grounding in their yoga practice. She has a very calm, helpful, approachable teaching style and is a fantastic teacher.” – Zach H, (Seattle, WA)
Susan M, Joyful Cook & Nature Enthusiast (Northern CA) “Rachael is a truly gifted and intuitive yoga teacher. I highly recommend her for an amazing experience that refreshes your body and soothes your soul!”

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