Yoga & Meditation


Rachael Sage

has completed over 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings, including a strong 300-hour foundation through her original lineage, Dharma Yoga– an Awareness-based Hatha practice that fuses traditional Indian yoga teachings with Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices.


  • Awareness-based yoga & meditation (Mindfulness)
  • Therapeutic yoga styles, including Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra 
  • Trauma-informed & Resource-based yoga 
  • Yoga for Teens 
  • Energy-infused yoga, including pranayama, chakras, koshas, elemental yoga & more
  • Vedic Thai Yoga (aka Thai Yoga Massage) and Thai Yoga partner work 

Additional Healing Tools

Rachael is also a Reiki practitioner and Aromatherapist, and uses these complimentary modalities to work with energies at the subtle level. Clients working privately with Rachael can request the use of these techniques in their sessions to bring greater balance to mood, energy, and chakras, as well as a deepened experience of healing and relaxation.


Viewing yoga as a life-practice, Rachael seeks ways to bring yoga off the mat and into real-life situations and day-to-day interactions. On the mat, Rachael views the practice of yoga as an opportunity to be in ceremony with our higher Self and our Awareness. Within this sacred ceremony we can practice releasing judgement, attachment, and harmful thought-patterns and where we can cultivate a more present, compassionate, and ultimately more fulfilled version of ourselves. Here, Rachael also uses yoga as a powerful tool for accessing the deeper layers of our emotional and energetic bodies and allowing profound shifts and healing to occur there.

Style & Approach

Rachael teaches with a down-to-earth and inclusive approach, emphasizing mindfulness and exploration. She is passionate about helping each person find their own genuine way of connecting with the practice of yoga. Her creative and insightful teaching invites a sense of deeper connection, leaving students feeling relaxed, inspired, and more open. Classes honor principles of integrity (with the supportive use of props and modifications) and empowerment (with tools for every-day stress-relief built into the class), and offer the potential for deep and lasting healing by integrating the often overlooked meditative aspects of a yoga practice.

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