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The Four Queens Tarot Card Reading

A few days ago, we entered the full moon in Pisces, a sign that rules the emotions, intuition, and the subconscious. This moon ripened under the Virgo sun– Virgo being a sign more associated with logic, organization, and critical thinking, as well as the shadow sign of Pisces. Add this to the energy being created by our imminent transition into Autumn– a season which has the power to bring a well of emotions to the surface– and you’ve got a recipe for intensity.

With emotions flowing with such depth and power and the mind wandering around critiquing every part of our experience, who among us isn’t having to ride some fairly unkempt emotional waves? Whether you’re feeling over-stimulated, burned-out, unfocused, or just plain emotional, today’s reading will throw you a line and help to pull things back into focus.

Today, the Queens of the tarot are each bringing you a distinct message to help you ride your unique wave of emotional experience through the next weeks. Queens represent the potential for maturity in our emotional realms. They are masters of vulnerability, compassion, integrity, humility, and the emotions that connect us more honestly with our human experience.

As you choose your card, know that this unique message may be pointing to what is out of balance or what you are already feeling, but it’s meaning is to bring this element into your line of sight and into focus.

Ready? Let’s get started. . .

Get grounded before you choose a card:

* If you can, sit on the floor. Getting down on the floor is something most of us give up when we “grow up”. Well, forget that notion! Sitting on the floor changes our perspective, it resets the mind, it’s one of my favorite what I like to call “shortcuts” to getting back in touch with the child self that is still inside of you. It immediately relaxes us, grounds us, and helps us get a little more control over that wacky-brain syndrome.

* Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Sigh it out. Let go of whatever’s been on your mind. Just remember what it feels like to be in your body, sitting on the floor, breathing, beginning to relax. While you are taking your deep breaths, feel the feeling in the pit of your belly.

* When you feel ready, open your eyes. Look at the four cards before you. Do you immediately gravitate to one of them? Does one of them give you a small reaction or feeling when you look at it? Without over-thinking it, choose that card.

* Acknowledge any fears, worries, hopes, or dreams that came up during the process and take note of any insights you may have had during the process.



If you haven’t yet chosen a card, please wait to scroll down for the answers.
Choosing a card based on your intuition makes your answer much more powerful!
*Once you’ve chosen– read on!*



Are you ready?


TAROT CARD ANSWER:  Today’s cards come from The Robin Wood Tarot. Card reading and answers by Rachael of Treetrunkwise Yoga.


queens-front copy


1. The Queen of Wands is the queen of Summer, the energy of fire, initiation, and the vision to create a life of passion. This queen brings a inspiring message of encouragement. She asks you to give time and energy to the calling of your heart and to allow yourself to be an artist in everything you do– whether it’s in your work or in the act of preparing a meal or a bath. She asks you to seek what inspires you an the most mundane of activities and to focus on bringing more of that into every part of your day. The Queen of Wands warns against letting perfectionism stop your creative process and letting ambition burn you out or burn your bridges. Focus on the flow of inspiration from the heart, rather than the call of results.

2. The Queen of Pentacles is the queen of Autumn, the energy of earth, of sustenance, abundance, and the creative power to bring vision into the physical realm. This queen brings you a fulfilling message of abundance. She asks you look with eyes that allow you to see that everything in this moment is enough– including yourself. We have so much that we easily take for granted– food, shelter, resources, community, even talents that we regularly downplay. Allow yourself to connect more deeply with what you have and how much sustenance it can offer you at this time. The Queen of Pentacles warns against over-indulgence, overspending, and isolation. Maybe now is the time to connect with your community through a clothing-swap, pot-luck, or craft night.

3. The Queen of Swords is the queen of winter, the energy of air, of insight, wisdom, and clarity of mind and self-awareness. This queen brings you an insightful message of clarity. It’s time to bring awareness to the ego voice that we so often allow to create our experience. This queen asks you to do this so that you may recognize its illusion and diffuse its power in your life. There is an awareness in you that is greater than the voice of “self”, one which has the power to guide you to your clear purpose and understanding of your true nature, if you can only let go and move beyond the need to label yourself. The Queen of Swords warns against attachment to your inner monologue, too much emphasis on your inner critic, and the tendency to label yourself. What form of meditation helps you clear your mind? A walk in nature, a quiet yoga practice, listening to your breath, or getting thoughts out through stream-of-consciousness journaling can all be clarifying at this time.

4. The Queen of Cups is the queen of spring, the energy of water, of change, a compassionate heart, and our empathic and intuitive abilities. This queen has a compassionate message of love for you. Emotions can feel like the powerful waves of an ocean, beyond our control and much bigger than us. This queen asks you to rest in the stillness of allowance and bear witness to the flow of these emotions. She asks you to empower yourself through by acknowledging the emotions that arise, allowing them to flow and be released, and focusing on the cultivation of empathy. Being in tune with our deeper emotional experience gives us the beautiful opportunity to be vulnerable, more human, and experience our oneness with the world. The Queen of Cups warns against imbalanced interactions with our emotions– from the cool aloofness that comes from ignoring or suppressing our deeper emotions to the tendency to flood ourselves with feeling unfairly burdened or even behavior of martyrdom. Rather than seeing your changing landscape of emotions as a weakness, consider it what makes you a stronger, more understanding human being.

Leave a comment below with your card choice and share how the message resonated with you! Or, head to the Facebook page to share your card choice and thoughts there!


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    This was awesome! Much needed guidance & insight.
    Thanks lady!

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      Treetrunkwise Yoga
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      Wonderful, Liz! So glad your message resonated! If you care to share, I’d love to know which Queen called to you… 🙂

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    Hi Rachel! Thanks for this. Fun:) Appreciate it!

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      Treetrunkwise Yoga
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      You’re so welcome, Kat! Glad you enjoyed it. If you feel like sharing, I’d love to know which Queen was calling to you today… 🙂

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    September 1, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Rachael, thank you for sharing your gift. I am sending you out LOVE!

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      Thank you, Heather! Happy to share and sending love right back at ya! xo

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