“Treetrunkwise Yoga is sunshine for your soul. More like a lab of alchemy and magic than a simple yoga studio, Rachael is the fortune teller who sees your soul, who gets you to tell your own fortune, to build your own life. Using yoga, meditation, tarot, and one of the best hearts around, she creates a space for experiences. Sometimes those experiences are simple and calm and sometimes they are life-altering revelations. Either way, they are always exactly what you need.” – Sarah G, Filmmaker & Teacher (Hollywood CA)
“I’ve practiced a variety of different yoga styles and found something special at Treetrunkwise Yoga. Rachael offers creative instruction which is both mindful and deeply rooted in developing a stronger relationship with our bodies and our environments. Her nightcap classes offer sweet relaxation and her workshops are magic. Highly recommended if you are seeking a deeper relationship with yourself and your practice. This is heartfelt yoga with a little magic.” Monika G, Body-Centered Psychotherapist (Seattle WA)
“Full of intuition, talent, intelligence, warmth, wisdom, and passion for teaching others,  I whole-heartedly endorse Rachael at Treetrunkwise Yoga to become your personal guru!” – Staci Duhan, Business Owner (Austin, TX)


“I’d recommend Rachael to anyone who wants to find grounding in their yoga practice. She has a very calm, helpful, approachable teaching style and is a fantastic teacher.” – Zach H, (Seattle, WA)


Heather Danso, Artist & Movement Teacher (Seattle WA) “Rachael is a beautiful guide for yoga that reaches beyond asana, to embody the spiritual principles of yoga. Her experience, her kindness, and her skill in other wisdom practices, make her classes unique. This Healing space is perfectly sized for the intimate home studio classes she plans, and she has all the props one would ever need. I highly recommend Rachael and Treetrunkwise studio– and you would also love her emails of heartfelt, inspired teachings.”
“This intimate and beautiful yoga studio in NW Seattle creates an open community feel, because Rachael introduces students to each other and takes time to make connections with each person in class. Her warmth and hospitality make me feel at ease and deeply cared for. The biggest challenge for me is making enough time in my schedule to get there regularly!” – Elsa NU, Real Estate Broker (Seattle WA)
“I wholeheartedly recommend taking a personalized yoga session with Rachael, which goes above and beyond any other classes I have ever taken before. She is thorough, caring, and very knowledgeable. Book an appointment with her and begin healing!” – Mandi G, Owner at Yarrow Landscaping (Austin TX)
“I love the mindfulness tie-in in Rachael’s yoga classes. I think her teaching can make me a better meditator.” – Ryan L, (Seattle WA)
“I’m a Yoga Fiend; I practice everything from the Ashtanga primary series to Bikram to Yin. Even then, I did not anticipate that such a deep, sacred healing and connection would radiate from my body at the end of Rachael’s Partner Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage workshop. Her exercises were fun, decadent, and really showed me a new layer of my body awareness.” Katie V, Writer, Garden Educator (Seattle WA)
“I wish I could have a personal yoga session from her every week!”– Jonathan C, Creative Carpenter (Portland OR)
“Rachael created a custom session to help me handle some of the emotional, mental, and physical stress I’d been accumulating as an overworked athlete. It was a wonderful experience that I’d definitely make a regular practice. She has a great presence for working with a student one-on-one.” – Susan H, Aerial Dancer (Austin TX)
“I would absolutely recommend Treetrunkwise Yoga to anyone who has not tried yoga. Rachael knew it was my first time experiencing Yoga and took the time to sit with me before the session to ease any concerns I had. I felt I had her undivided attention the entire time. I also felt encouraged to honor my personal level of physical abilities as well as my own spiritual beliefs- which was so important to me. This experience has made me crave to continue to grow in my life’s journey with Yoga in tow. Thank you Rachael for shining the light on such an incredible practice!” – Karah F, Full-time Mom (Austin TX)
“I really enjoy Rachael’s approach of mixing physical challenge with calm, quiet space to reflect. I would recommend her classes as a source of whole-self health– not just stretches and muscular toning. They help improve mental and spiritual health as well.” – Todd V. (Seattle WA)
Susan M, Joyful Cook & Nature Enthusiast (Northern CA) “Rachael is a truly gifted and intuitive yoga teacher. I highly recommend her for an amazing experience that refreshes your body and soothes your soul!”
“After a relentless schedule of grad school, parenting, health concerns, and an overwhelming teaching job, I tried everything from massages and acupuncture to a vast array of cardio classes in an attempt to truly relax, quiet my mind and refill my soul. Rachael’s warm demeanor and uncanny gift of compassionate listening creates a peaceful, welcoming, safe place where my anxiety is soothed and I feel uplifted and rejuvenated. Working with Rachael has given me tools that will forever help me cope with the daily stresses of life– and the gift of reconnecting with myself.” – Sarah F, Teacher & Graduate Student (Austin TX)