Forget fortune tellers and crystal balls.

Intuition, like yoga, is part of a life practice that develops with time and experience– one which continues to uncover the many layers of our multi-faceted being. Seeing the cards as an intuitive training tool, we become an empowered leader in our own process, developing the ability to connect with our deepest truth and to use that inner wisdom to bring about more peace and clarity in life.

Tea & Tarot : A Practice Circle

✨Tea & Tarot offers a space for your questions, open discussion, and practice time with feedback. Evenings will be loosely centered around a theme, focusing less on instruction or card meanings and more on deepening your relationship to the cards through practice and dialogue. No experience necessary; Beginners welcome!

FULL MOON CIRCLE: Wed, Oct 4, 6-8pm
NEW MOON CIRCLE: Wed, Oct 18, 6-8pm
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Experience & Philosophy

Rachael’s experience working with the tarot, its symbology, and complimentary intuitive practices spans more than two decades. Her readings are uniquely empowering, because she invites you into the process as an important participant. She artfully blends elements of yoga, meditation, and philosophy into each reading, as well as the healing powers of Reiki and aromatherapy, to create a healing, insightful, and transformative experience.


Rachael’s Podcast Interview

Listen to Rachael’s interview with professional Tarot Reader, Susan Reed, on Healing Effects Tarot Radio, where she discusses her philosophy about using Tarot for healing and for it’s transformative powers


Thank you Dear Rachael! My initial reaction is wow; I am at a loss for words. You are so in touch with a fifth sense that most people can’t reach. I am so impressed and can not thank you enough for this reading– truly a life changing gift.  – Mandi G, Austin, TX 

Your last reading gave me the confidence to start my own business, so thank you . . . Business is great!  🙂 – Erica R, Austin TX

Oh my goodness, Rachael, THANK YOU  so very much for my AMAZING reading yesterday. You are extremely gifted and insightful. Your caring nature and wonderful energy helped me to really be open and appreciate the wisdom that you and the cards had to offer, and helped validate my intention to be true to my heart no matter what happens!!! – Susan M, Seattle, WA

Rachael does a Tarot card reading like no one else I’ve experienced. She helped me to understand that all the cards form a picture, a tapestry, and they are all inter-connected through me, the client. I felt like this gave me a more holistic view and gave me the tools for inquiry as opposed to jumping to conclusions. It was a beautiful combination of magic and logic – I loved it! She’s a gem. – Kat K, Ireland

[Your reading] helped focus and ground me immensely, and it also motivated me to get rid of a lot of possessions I needed to let go of physically and emotionally.  It was amazing and I really needed it! – Bobbi D, FL

Rachael offers such a wonderful presence with her tarot readings. She is incredibly kind, curious and professional, which offered a safety and a spaciousness to know whatever truths might emerge in the process. I was deeply moved by my experience with her, and have begun some important shifts in my approach to my world. – J, Seattle, WA

Our time together was amazing, Rachael! I left feeling inspired, held and prompted with ideas for real action. Anyone seeking clarity with their path could benefit from your wisdom and grace. Sending gratitude and much love! – Linda D, Shoreline, WA


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