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Chakra Self-Care Guide Part 7: Integrating

Part Seven: Integrating

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The great religions of the world teach us that we are all connected and, essentially, the same. Having a sense of spirituality allows us to integrate our experience into something meaningful. Knowing that we are part of something bigger imparts a sense of wonder, curiosity, and awe that affects how we walk in the world.

To be spiritual does not mean that we have to adhere to a religious dogma, nor does it mean that we have to adopt some outwardly spiritual way of displaying ourselves to others. Spirituality is intensely personal and as unique as each one of us.

There are places where our personal sense of spirituality may come forward more naturally. Nature tends to be one of those spaces for many humans, with its calming, grounding effects, its ability to provide all that we need, and its special way of reminding us that we are part of something miraculous. For others, science, architecture, language, art, or caring for others is naturally awe-inspiring, humbling, and deeply fulfilling.

Spirituality is recognizing your own spirit within and seeing it reflected back to you from something outside of you.

To connect with your sense of spirituality, integrate all of the parts of your experience.

1. Touch the Earth. When our feet are on the ground, we are connected with the earth. We are connected with the ground that connects all things, the water, the soil, the terrain of a planet that is wholly connected. Touching earth and going into Nature reminds us not only that we are made of the earth in a bodily sense, but that we are made of something much greater in the spiritual sense. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience,” said Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

2. Be Curious. There is little that can evoke a sense of spiritual awakening more than good old fashioned curiosity and wonder. Think of a child going through the world, seeing things for the first time, touching, tasting, listening, and enjoying things in a way that we adults too often forget. When in doubt about how to connect with your personal sense of spirituality, follow where your curiosity naturally leads you.

3. Connect. Now that you have explored the energies running through your body, mind, and spirit, allow yourself to begin exploring how they are all connected. Integration of the parts into a whole is Yoga– a moment of realization of totally unity, belonging, connectedness, and infinity. Being able to connect to the earth with our feet and simultaneously to the cosmos beyond with our crown, brings an amazing sense of purpose, beauty, belonging, wonder, and love.

After you’ve read these few simple tips for connecting with your spiritual side this month, try them out and let me know how they work for you!


I’d love to hear how you’re integrating chakra wisdom into your experience! How will you use these chakra insights to awaken your vibrant self?

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