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Chakra Self-Care Guide Part 6: Understanding

Part Six: Understanding

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To truly see, we have to cultivate a certain clarity of mind, coupled with a depth of trust in our ability to sense things. Like dreams, intuition can feel confusing, even out of alignment with what we are looking at or being told. In order to develop trust in this part of ourselves, we have to respect the more subtle aspects of our experience– imagination, dreams, and intuitions.

Wisdom and insight are best developed when we allow a clear, open, and trusting space for the language of symbols and vision to unfold. When we learn to respect to this language, when we create space for visualization and imagination, miraculous things, like innovation and discovery, can happen.

As Albert Einstein said: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

To connect with your intuition, expand your mind.

1. Open your mind. Notice the areas in your life in which your mind has become closed to possibility or imagination. Where can you practice allowing more openness and flexibility of the mind? Start small. Reading fiction or escaping into artistic wonderlands are great ways to practice this openness.

2. Meditate. Quieting our thoughts and allowing the mind time and space to stretch and relax in stillness are important practices when trying to expand this part of ourselves. Meditation can offer us an opportunity to clear the clutter of the mind, leaving a more naturally open environment. It can also allow us play time with our own imagination, through visualization, journeying, and imagination. Close your eyes and go inward.

3. Trust. Developing Trust in this part of ourselves takes time. As adults, we often brush off our vision and imaginations as childish or of little value in the real world. Beginning to trust that every part of our experience has value, when witnessed with a sense of curiosity and possibility rather than judgement or critique, is what allows us to shift our perception of our world.

After you’ve read these few simple tips for connecting with your intuition and imagination this month, try them out and let me know how they work for you!


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