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Chakra Self-Care Guide, Part 3: Shining

Part Three: Shining

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Letting our light shine isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Living each day with balance requires a healthy blend of effort and ease.

When our personal power is out of balance, it shows in our actions. It’s easy to get stuck in an On action-mode (causing us to be aggressive or pushy with ourselves and others) or the Off  action-mode (making us feel unworthy, unmotivated, and lacking in confidence).

When we’re overworking ourselves, over-pushing, or setting highly ambitious goals, the ability to relax can feel light years away. On the other hand, when our energy and confidence are low and we’re feeling uncertain and directionless just getting out of bed can feel almost impossible.

But the key is just that: When our will power is out of balance with either too much or too little energy, the antidote is often to apply a touch of the opposite energy.

To balance and sustain the energy of personal power, try adding a dose of the opposite quality. 
1. Notice. Watch your actions throughout the day. Listen to your internal mantras. Do you tend to push yourself too hard? Rely on perfectionism? Get disappointed in others who don’t seem to work as hard as you? Perhaps you are feeling less confident, insecure, not worthy of success or connections, or just down on yourself. Do you have a case of comparison-itis? Do you feel like you’ve let yourself or others down? Do you talk down to yourself? The odds are, you fall somewhere in between these extremes into a more subtle behavior. Often, the way we treat and talk to ourselves is how we treat others. Just notice these interactions to see how they may be affecting your energy.

2. Balance. Balancing our energy in a sustainable way requires adding some of an opposite energy. If you’re overworking, rest is the most balancing energy. If you’re too sedentary, movement can be the most balancing. Remember to look at diet and exercise when determining balance because our fuel for life is, above all, connected to our digestion, physical expression, and mindset.

3. Shine. Mindset is a great place to check in with yourself after determining your unique balancing formula (more sleep, smaller meals, gentler exercise?). In our culture of constant input, there’s so much for us to digest. Sitting quietly and breathing, allowing yourself time to digest information and un-clutter the mental space is also important. Sit with a tall, balanced posture, breathe  a few full, radiant breaths, and give yourself a mantra to repeat, like: I am balanced. I am vibrant. I am alive. Or I am a light in this world. 

After you’ve read these few simple tips for balancing and sustaining your personal power this month, try them out and let me know how they work for you!


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