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Chakra Self-Care Guide, Part 2: Sensing

Part Two: Sensing

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Being grounded in our body reconnects us with the power of our senses, so we can more fully experience what is with us in the present moment.

The senses are always operating in the present moment. When we tune into them, we are tuning into the body and the experience the body is having right now.

Everything we feel is felt through the senses. All sensation can be categorized into experiences of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, and sensing. Even emotions– as overwhelming as they can become when coupled with the thoughts we are having about them– can be broken down into a myriad of sensed experiences in the body.

This simple, but powerful, realization can not only help us to honor what we are feeling in the moment, it can help to diffuse some of the power our emotions can have over us.

To explore your experience in the present moment, tune into your senses. 

1. Feel. Tuning into our experience through the senses not only helps to anchor ourselves in the present moment, it can offer us an opportunity for learning. After a few slow breaths, notice what sensations are arising in your body. If it helps, you can label it as something you are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, or tasting. Continue to scan the body and notice sensations as they arise, just breathing slowly and observing. Working intentionally with our senses helps us to orient ourselves in the present moment.

2. Appreciate. The good things in life are often so simple they are easily overlooked. When we engage our senses, we can remind ourselves that there are often grounding and enjoyable experiences all around us in any given moment. Smelling and tasting our food as we cook, noticing something beautiful with our eyes, hearing the sounds of rain or birds with our ears, or feeling the embrace of a loved one or pet with a new sensitivity and awareness… Devoting a few minutes to exploring something in your environment or experience with just one of your five senses can give you a whole new appreciation for that sense!

3. Embrace Sensuality. Sensual experiences always help to keep us in the present moment, which makes them a great tool for self-care when we are caught up in thoughts, worries, or anxiousness. Awakening to our sensual experience can be deeply relaxing, restorative, and renewing. Treat yourself to a self-care ritual of the senses. Here are a few examples to spark your inspiration: Get a massage or give yourself a foot rub. Take a warm bath filled with aromatic bath salts. Sit by the ocean and listen to the waves and birds. Make a special meal to be savored by candlelight. Wander through an art museum and take in the sights.

Try these few simple tips for letting sensation guide your self-care this month and let me know how they work for you!


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