The Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading


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The Wheel of the Year Reading is a special compass which begins in the month of your birthday or special milestone month and creates a cosmic map for you to follow over the course of a year.

Each month’s card acts as a guidepost, revealing energies at play and opportunities for healing and growth. Use these insights as meditation or journal prompts, inspiration for activities and decision-making, or just a way to fine-tune your Awareness of yourself and your greatest gifts. The Wheel of the Year Reading offers a personal cosmic map + compass kit that will guide you through a magical journey on your way to manifesting your greatest dreams!

Choose a 13 card wheel (one card per month plus a central theme card) or a 25 card* wheel (with one bonus card per month).

This reading is emailed to you and does not require an appointment.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.
Pictured: 25 Card Wheel of the Year Reading

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Number of cards

13 cards, 25 cards


The Rider-Waite, The Robin Wood Tarot, The Wild Unknown, The Ghetto Tarot, Allow reader to choose deck


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