The Unearthed: A 3-Card Tarot Reading (via email)


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The Unearthed Reading offers foundational insights into your question or issue without over-complicating things. Discover the energies that are at play and how you can best interact with them in order to move through a challenge or stuck-point and move forward. The Unearthed will reveal what you need to know to take the next step with clarity and confidence.

What you’ll receive:
This reading is created with great care and intention, just for you, with sacred space, ceremonial elements, and deep meditation on your question or query. Your reading will be emailed to you in a PDF file, including images and insights from me, as well as further actions and meditations for you to work with as you move forward.

Each card can offer a wealth of information and tying multiple cards together in a reading creates even deeper insights. Because of this and because I need time to write this information out and craft your PDF, please allow 5-7 days for delivery (though often delivered sooner).

Please note: This reading is emailed to you and does not require an appointment.
To schedule a Private Tarot reading with Rachael by appointment, please visit the Online Scheduler.


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