The Practical Magic of Tarot Workshop

Discover the practical magic of Tarot in this fun and unique workshop that combines principles of yoga, elemental energy, and the deep psyche with traditional Tarot work. Whether you’re new to the Tarot or a seasoned reader, you’ll enjoy exploring the cards as a creative tool for personal and spiritual development. 

No experience necessary. Learn to use that Tarot deck that’s sitting on your shelf, take your Tarot understanding to the next level, or just spend a fun afternoon connecting with your intuition!

An elemental yoga practice will help us connect with energies of the Tarot, plus we’ll explore the answers to all of these questions and more:
– How does the Tarot relate to your spiritual and self-care practices, such as yoga and meditation?
– How can you relate to the themes and symbols of the cards on a more personal level?
– How can the Tarot offer you support on your path of personal vision, self-expression, and true healing?

What to bring
Bring your yoga mat, a journal or notebook, and a set of Tarot cards: 78-card decks such as Rider-Waite-Smith based or The Wild Unknown Tarot are good options. (A fews decks will be available to borrow by pre-arrangement.) 

About the Teacher
Rachael’s experience working with the tarot, its symbology, and complimentary intuitive practices spans more than two decades. She artfully blends elements of yoga, meditation, and philosophy into her reading style to create a healing, insightful, and transformative experience that continues to unfold well after a reading has ended. With the perfect blend of spiritual and practical wisdom, many clients and students find that Rachael’s Tarot style resonates with them on a deeper, more personal level. Her encouragement of self-empowerment and trust helps open the doorway into your own magical Tarot experience. Learn more about Rachael’s work with the Tarot here.


Want to bring this workshop to your studio, shop, or healing space? Contact Rachael here.