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Oracle Reading: Super Harvest Blood Moon 2015

We are still under the very strong influence of last night’s Super Harvest Blood Moon in Aries. This, paired with Mercury Retrograde, makes a powerful time for us to look more closely at what lies beneath and what is holding us back in our lives.

Today’s reading is a little different in that I will not be interpreting the cards for you. Instead, use these cards as prompts for a meditation or a stream-of-consciousness writing flow in which you’ll explore the questions: What do I need to release which is no longer serving my highest truth or purpose? What is blocking my path to experiencing the life my heart desires and how can I begin to release that block in order to move forward? And what am I holding onto that is not mine and how can I release it from my grasp? You may want to create your own questions around release, transformation and creating space.

For this particular reading, you may choose as many cards as you like– even moving through all of the cards. Decide on all of your cards before moving on to the page where the cards are revealed, so that you aren’t choosing from memory if you try again. Once you’ve chosen, find your cards on the next page and write down each one. One card at a time, meditate and/or journal about your insights. What comes up for you around each card? Don’t forget to take a moment to ask the Universe (or the name of your higher power or helper) to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you before moving on to the next card. Have your journal and a pen handy!

Enjoy your intuitive flow and please share your insights below in the comments section!


Get grounded before you choose a card:

* If you can, sit on the floor. Getting down on the floor is something most of us give up when we “grow up”. Well, forget that notion! Sitting on the floor changes our perspective, it resets the mind, it’s one of my favorite what I like to call “shortcuts” to getting back in touch with the child self that is still inside of you. It immediately relaxes us, grounds us, and helps us get a little more control over that wacky-brain syndrome.

* Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Sigh it out. Let go of anything that’s been on your mind. Just remember what it feels like to be in your body, sitting on the floor, breathing, beginning to relax. While you are taking your deep breaths, feel the feeling in the pit of your belly.

* When you feel ready, open your eyes. Look at the cards before you. Do you immediately gravitate to one or more of them? Does one of them give you a small reaction or feeling when you look at it? Without over-thinking it, choose that card. Choose as many cards as you like in this way before moving on to the reveal page.

* After you find the cards you chose, begin meditating and/or stream-of-consciousness writing on your thoughts, feelings, emotions, associations, and insights around each card and, in particular, how it relates to releasing what no longer serves you. Do this for each card until you feel a natural conclusion to your meditation around that card. Then move on to the next one you chose and do the same.

* Remember the power of the Blood moon is still very strong over the next couple of days but gets weaker as it wanes, so do this exercise as soon as possible for maximum effect!


If you haven’t yet chosen all of your cards, please wait to scroll down to see the cards revealed.
Choosing your cards based on your intuition will give you much deeper insights.

*Once you’ve chosen– scroll down!*




Today’s cards come from Connected and Free: Alchemist’s Oracle by Inner Hue. Card reading and exercise by Rachael of Treetrunkwise Yoga.


From bottom middle moving clockwise:

Leave a comment below with your card choice and share your insights!


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