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Private Yoga Offerings

Yoga Healing Session
For those seeking results in their healing and wellness journey, through the supportive application of yoga and other healing modalities to facilitate powerful shifts in body, mind, and spirit.

In this highly customized, deep healing session, Rachael will draw from a number of healing modalities, including yoga asana (poses), Thai Yoga Massage, chakra balancing, shamanic cleansing practices, Reiki, and more in order to facilitate shifts and restore balance in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies where you need it most. Come as you are; Leave feeling more whole, restored, and supported.

60 minutes $100
90 minutes $130

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Private Yoga Class
For those seeking more personalized attention, customized instruction, and the opportunity to begin or build a personal yoga practice.

Classes are designed to meet your unique needs at any given time, offering modifications, support, and assists, and can focus on any aspects of yoga you wish to explore, including breath work, meditation, chanting, and philosophy. These classes can also be used to explore specific yoga practices including Yin, Restorative, or Yoga Nidra. Recommended for all levels of practitioner, private yoga classes are also offered online via Skype.

60 minutes $90
90 minutes $110

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*Multi-class cards available at a discount. Please inquire for price options.

Custom Yoga Offerings for your Group or Party

Yoga Class for Couples, Groups, or Parties
I would love to craft a special class for your small group or party. Please contact me with more details about your specific needs as well as for information about rates for your group.

Partner Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage Workshop
Working together to give and receive healing yoga is a fun and incredibly relaxing way to cultivate communication, connection, and compassion. I offer private sessions and workshops that focus on partner yoga assists, Thai Yoga Massage, and special meditations for couples, duos and groups. Consider this beautiful, fun, and light-hearted practice for you and your partner, sibling, parent, child or friend or spread the love even more by hosting this workshop during a party or at your workplace. Rates will vary depending on size of group. Please contact me for details.

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Custom Yoga Class

Partner Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Sage’s Tarot Table

Reiki Relaxation Station

One-on-One Readings by Appointment

Insight Tarot Sessions
Through open communication and engaging practices designed to hone your intuition, we will explore together what the symbols reveal about you and the thoughts, feelings, and patterns that shape your life experience. These supportive sessions are personalized, insightful, and engaging. During these sessions, you will be given many opportunities to connect with your own intuition, helping you to develop a better understanding and respect for it. I will also offer my intuitive guidance along with over a decade of experience working with these symbols and cards. As a result, you will leave feeling empowered and with tools in hand to move forward authentically, bringing effective action and resolution where it may be needed in your life.

Can be conducted In Person or Online via Skype/Google Hangouts.

90 minutes $130
PLEASE NOTE: First-time tarot appointments and in-depth questions require 90-minute booking.

60 minutes $100
Best for follow-up questions, focused check-ins, or regular clients

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The Journey Package
6 readings, held once per month or every other month to guide and support you through a half-year or year-long period of your journey. Initial appointment is 90 minutes, subsequent appointments are 60 minutes.

$550 ($655 Value)

Book your first appointment in your Tarot Journey Package.

Ceremonial Readings by email

These highly personalized readings include a small healing ceremony just for you, intended to cleanse, clarify, and support you as well as to assist you in integrating the information you receive for your highest good. To begin, you’ll receive a meditative exercise to help you refine and create a powerful question. All of your insights are emailed to you in a yours-to-keep PDF, which includes photos of your reading and layout, insights about each card’s influence on the issue or question, and an overview of the reading’s most important points.

Layouts and card numbers will vary as each reading is an entirely unique expression of the ceremony created for you and the insights and energies which are channeled on your behalf– A single card can provide a huge amount of information, insight, and potential for energy shifts. I am committed to providing you with a clear, focused reading, offering the most useful and empowering insights available while offering you the most value for your money.

THREE New Readings are now available to order in the Shop
The UnEarthed: A 3-Card Reading by email
The UnFolding: A 5-Card Reading by email
The Universe Within: A 10-Card Reading by email

Wheel of the Year Tarot Journey
Get a picture of the year ahead with this enlightening 13-Card reading.The Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading is different than my other offerings in that it acts as more of a guide through the course of your year. This year will make you aware of certain energies and opportunities that will be present for you through the year. A beautiful guide-map to refer back to throughout the year, this reading offers plenty of keywords and insights for empowering meditations and journaling, and can assist you in bringing crucial awareness and intention to important aspects of your life. Without getting weighed down in details of specifics, this reading invites you to harness energy, intuition, and potential to have your most vibrant, clear, and purposeful year yet! Your reading can begin in any month of the year, and is great for birthdays as well as life milestones.

Key-words and energies for 13 cards $89
Add 12 Clarity Cards for Focus & Potency for just $20 more.
Now Available to Order in the Shop