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October Blog Series: Busting Tarot Myths! Myth #4

October is Tarot Month at Treetrunkwise!
All month long, I’m Busting the Biggest Myths & Misconceptions about Tarot….

Myth #4:
Tarot cards can’t offer me any real help. 

So here we are.. We’ve established that Tarot cards alone don’t hold any real power, that you don’t have to be a psychic to read them, and that they’re not likely going to predict the specific outcomes and details of your future.

So the question is– how can they offer you any real help?

We are evolving beings, always seeking creative new ways to learn, to be inspired, to expand our perspectives, and to discover the truth about who we are.

When we approach any spiritual practice from a place of authentic curiosity and openness, we offer ourselves an opportunity for expanded awareness and perspective. When we approach any spiritual practice with the intention of seeking truth, and discovering our true nature, our unique potential, and the life-purpose that our heart longs to fill, we offer ourselves wisdom and clarity. And when we approach any spiritual practice as being the simple bones and structure of a sacred space in which we can allow ourselves to unfold organically, embracing the mysterious and wondrous parts of that unfolding, we offer ourselves a path to freedom and enlightenment.

If we can approach the Tarot from such a place– a place of self-inquiry and trusting in ourselves to know that the answers to the questions of our lives are within– we can begin to uncover hidden parts of our internal experience, both light an shadow, that guide us in the direction of ultimate truth and wisdom.

As a daily or weekly practice, we can create a sacred space in which to engage with our Tarot reading as a form of meditation, of inquiry, and of working our muscles of discernment and intuition.

The power of the Tarot lies in our ability to relate to its symbols– their inherent connection to our deeper layers of psyche, emotion, and human experience. We all have these. We all have ways of navigating those parts of ourselves, whether with guidance or on our own.

When we begin to think of the Tarot as more of a map and less of a guide– one that allows space for us to follow our own path, one that is more interested in the process than the destination and in the uncovering of insight rather than the creation of concrete information– we empower ourselves to participate in our life’s unfolding with a vibrant and radiant combination of clear-intention, unclouded truth, informed choice, and self-trust.

Want to learn more about working with the Tarot as a spiritual practice?

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Thanks for following along with me this month for some important Tarot myth-busting! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope it has ignited your curiosity to explore Tarot more deeply– either with me as your guide or on your own! Still have questions? Feel free to reply and ask me!

And don’t forget– you can still receive 30% off any Tarot offering purchased now through October 31, so you can buy now and schedule later!

With Love,



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