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October Blog Series: Busting Tarot Myths! Myth #3

October is Tarot Month at Treetrunkwise!
All month long, I’m Busting the Biggest Myths & Misconceptions about Tarot….

Myth #3:
Tarot cards predict the future. 

If you’ve been following along with the series so far, you already know that I don’t really believe in pre-determined futures. And even if you do, it’s important to look at all of the parts and pieces that make up the whole path to something happening– all of the things that need to be put into place and moved in the right direction at the right time with the right energy in order for us to arrive at any given moment in our lives.

Arguably, there’s a lot of choice involved– from what meals we eat to when we leave the house for work, to whether we ask for a raise or decide to buy a house or start a family. Choices are met with different answers that are often out of our control, but different choices often yield different results.

We can’t really test that theory because we can’t really choose two things at the same time and then live those two choices out simultaneously– unless you order two things off the menu at your favorite restaurant and eat them both.

What happens to be left as clues in all of these choices and answers are certain patterns. When we look at a larger piece of time, we can see our habits, tendencies, and regular, even predictable, choices. So although we could say that you would be very likely to get a promotion based upon your history at work, the relationships you’ve built and how you’ve continued to improve your work, there will always be other factors at play.

Likewise, I could tell you that it doesn’t look likely that you’d receive a promotion based on your recent performance and relationship with your boss, and you could choose to take that information and use it as fuel to make big changes in the way you approach work– thereby impressing your boss and winning the promotion.

We live in a dynamic world full of choice, change, and mystery. Do we really want our futures to be static? Do we really want to give up our power of choice and self-evolution to find out what is pre-destined and unchangeable?

I prefer to think of the cards as tools that help us to shed light on important truths, on unnoticed habits, and on opportunities for change. I prefer to see the cards as a reflection of a deep inner knowing– knowing what is holding you back, knowing what you truly want to be happy, and knowing what needs to happen to create movement and shifts on your path to claiming your purpose.

Once again, the intention we bring to the cards is crucial. If I intend to read the cards as literally as possible and to give the power over to the cards– as if they know something that I do not– that leads to a disconnect between me and my own wisdom, which leads to ignorance and fear. If I were to pull the Death card or the Tower card, I may be overcome with fear about something I have no power over, not only giving up my own power in the situation, but not truly seeing the messages of opportunity, possibility, and personal revelation.

If I were to work with a client in this way, it would remove their powers as well, turning off the light that can show important areas that need attention. This is why I not only offer more open interpretations of the cards with clients, allowing them to discover areas that are seeking to be seen and validated, but I also invite my client into the reading, helping them to discover, connect with, and sharpen their own intuition so that when they leave the reading, they can trust their own truth and guidance as they integrate their reading and begin to move forward with informed actions and choices.

Being tapped into our intuition is an amazing way to engage with our path. We can often sense more than what’s freely offered, and sense what might be about to happen.

But the most powerful thing about using our intuition with integrity instead of putting all of our faith into something outside of ourselves, is that we reaffirm our amazing potential and our own great power, and we still get to hold onto our greatest power of all: the power to choose our own path. 


Alright, so maybe I can use the cards myself, but they probably can’t offer me any real help, right?
How could that be a myth? … Read on to find out… 

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