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October Blog Series: Busting Tarot Myths! Myth #2

October is Tarot Month at Treetrunkwise!
All month long, I’m Busting the Biggest Myths & Misconceptions about Tarot….

Myth #2:

Only psychic people can read Tarot cards. 

A fortune teller with a crystal ball and a grave look on her face pulls the Death card in the movie you’re watching… You know it can only mean one thing. She must be psychic. 

This is a question that requires us to look at how disconnected we are, generally speaking, from our natural gifts of intuition. Once used to help us survive– find shelter and food, escape saber-toothed danger, and know which plants to eat, avoid, or use as medicine, our intuition as a human race is a little out of practice.

That being said, there are people whose natural gifts may go beyond this, with flashes of premonition or other sensory input about what’s to come. The truth is, this person probably doesn’t need Tarot cards to get those flashes. But let’s say they are using Tarot cards– if we recall the idea (from the last email, busting myth #1), then we can say this: If that person is using Tarot cards as their preferred tool of confirmation, then the cards are imbued with that energy.

Everyone brings their unique experiences and gifts to the cards. In this case, perhaps one could say that the future is being predicted either by the psychic or by the cards or both.

Personally, I don’t believe in predictable futures.

I believe that we have free will and choice that is coupled with a lot of divine mystery in life. I believe we get into routines, habits, and thought-patterns, that can make it easier to follow the trail of clues and predict the most likely outcome based on that evidence.

But even that feels too scientific for reading Tarot cards.

Think of the cards as a tool for tapping into a part of yourself that’s already there– a deeper knowing that you may not always be conscious of.

We have to be curious when we come to the cards about what we will discover about our subconscious and about our deeper wisdom. We have to have some level of trust that we have something of value to offer ourselves and our questions. And we have to understand that whatever comes up is a message asking us to be truthful, asking us what we want, and asking us to make a choice.

As with all spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, prayer, etc), when we allow ourselves to come into a place where we feel grounded, truthful, and connected to and trusting in something greater than us, we can experience really miraculous things. 

The important thing to remember when working with the cards, is that we are really trying to unearth our deepest truths and learn to know ourselves better. We are developing a way of honing and sharpening both intuition and our ability to discern and choose based on that intuition.

And I will tell you this, after almost two decades of working with symbol-based intuitive practices: when you are in that grounded, truthful, open, and trusting place, amazing things do start to happen.

Clear and strong intuition can look similar to psychic gifts.

You may find yourself pulling the very card you were thinking about while you shuffled. You may find that you pull the same card over and over no matter how much you shuffle! You may find after a reading that you become aware of how it is already unfolding.

There is no negative to being connected with your intuitive gifts– and, yes, they are gifts! How much we trust ourselves and the greater mystery to come into a dance of creation together is the real factor that will influence your experience with Tarot cards or really any tool of life development that asks you to work from a deeper, more uncertain place.

Certainty comes with practice, so my advice is to find a way of developing your deeper wisdom, like yoga, meditation, or maybe even a deck of cards, and get started!
You may still be wondering one thing–

If I can do this myself, what is the benefit of having a reading done for me?

This is a great question I’ve heard before, and I have two answers:
1) When we are just beginning to find those places within ourselves, it can be important to have the support and guidance of someone with a deep experience. That’s why my private readings are co-created. Rather than just telling you what I see, I invite you and your intuition to build the reading with me– making it resonate more for you while helping you to recognize and trust your own intuitive gifts so that you feel empowered moving forward.

2) Often times, when we are struggling with an issue or question that we are very close to, we can get too tangled up in the details and our vision can become too narrow to see the whole picture. Having someone there to hold this issue or question with you can be very powerful–  It can allow you the safe space, the nurturing support, and the honest outside perspective to begin to unravel its hold on you and to find a way of opening to your deeper truth. Furthermore, I make sure to offer a number of concrete strategies for moving forward, as this is often something we feel too overwhelmed to come up with when we are so deeply entangled in trying to figure something out.


Okay, maybe you don’t have to be psychic exactly, but the cards can still predict the future, right?
Or is that a myth, too? … Read on to find out… 


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