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October Blog Series: Busting Tarot Myths! Myth #1

October is Tarot Month at Treetrunkwise!
All month long, I’m Busting the Biggest Myths & Misconceptions about Tarot…. 

Myth #1:

Tarot cards are dark/evil/bad/and maybe magic(?) and shouldn’t be messed with. 

Tarot cards certainly have developed a dark reputation. Things are shifting now as they become more mainstream, but many people still shudder or become nervous at the mere mention of them.

In fact, I remember feeling nervous, too, the first time I heard about Tarot cards. I was a young, sensitive, optimistic tween when my older brother (who seemed to always be attracted to darker things, like dungeons and dragons, horror movies, and scary books) told me about Tarot cards. I was intrigued, and yet I felt the warning in his fear-tinged words– that they were not to be messed with– at least not for me. I did not feel the call of dark magic.

But even in that moment, I believe I already knew the truth:

The cards are just cards, however intriguing and complex their illustrated symbology, and that any power or energy they may seem to have is what they are imbued with by their user.

My brother had thought of them as dark, maybe even black magic, and so that is what they would have been for him. The energy I picked up on in that conversation was from him, not from the cards.

Still, it’s hard to trust something that’s been mistrusted by so many for so long. I think of the cards taking on the energies of their users, and its no wonder people who fear being scammed by fortune-tellers feel that the cards are a scam. It’s no wonder that people who fear that the cards are the devil’s work feel that the cards are evil. And the readers themselves are hold even more responsibility– the scammy fortune teller’s untrustworthy vibes are coming through in the cards. The person trying to use the cards for nefarious purposes is indeed making the cards feel negative. How about the creator of the cards? How did they hope they would be used? Some cards do feel darker than others because that was their creator’s intent– but the power is still our own to decide…

The important thing to remember is intention.

When it comes to Tarot, intention is everything– and awareness is the rest. 

I started studying the meanings of the cards before I ever had my own deck, so it was easy for me to see the messages for what they were, without the weighty presence of a mystical deck of cards hanging around. I began to understand how much my own perception of each message on any given day changed because I changed– not because there was some magic at work.

I began to realize that understanding the messages of the cards is understanding the messages from your own mind– both conscious and unconscious.

And began to see that learning this quiet art was a way of understanding myself and the world around me in a deeper, more connected way.

And it turns out, that IS magic.

It’s a form of working with your higher self and universal energy that can guide you to create real change and growth, and can help you get unstuck and move forward with clarity and confidence– in yourself!

My intention with the cards is always to create a deeper connection between people and their own truth. It’s an intention that allows those I read for to feel empowered in their own process. The connections I make during a reading and the beautiful, honest insights shared there are their own form of magic.

It’s the magic of healing and empowerment. And it’s much more accessible than you might think!

But you have to be psychic to read the cards, right?
Or is that just another myth? … Read on to find out… 


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