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Mindful Ritual for the Magical Eclipse/New Moon Blackout

Solar Eclipse img by Rick Fienberg

What if three minutes of deepened awareness could affect the next three years of your life?
What if you could choose to set that compass in any direction you wished?

On Monday, August 21, we’ll experience a phenomenal, celestial dance of darkness: As the moon moves into its darkest phase, a rare Total Eclipse of the Sun will be visible through much of the United States. This is, in essence, a total blackout.

As National and World events build to a crescendo, we cannot ignore the powerful energies being gathered in the cosmos.

One astrologer says this: “Normal Eclipses have a time span of 6 months, so their effects set the tone and affect your life for about 6 months after the Eclipse. But because this is a Total Eclipse of the Sun, the effects last longer. In ancient astrology every minute of darkness corresponds to 1 year of influence. Because this Eclipse will last for almost 3 minutes, its influence will last for almost 3 years.”

Even if you don’t really believe that’s true, why not treat it as if it IS true?

Why not press pause and check our compass and for three minutes focus on where we see ourselves going in our heart’s ultimate vision?

This is a moment for intense introspection, prayer, and attunement to cosmic Truth.

This is a magical moment, rich with opportunity for shifting energies and clarifying purpose– But we cannot run blindly into the dark.

We have to step mindfully, intentionally, to feel our way into darkness of this moment.

Whether or not you’re traveling to the point of total eclipse, whether or not you’ll even be able to witness any part of the changing sky with your eyes (please, use protective eyewear if you do!), you can tune into a heightened sense of awareness and connection.

Use this guide, Mindful Ritual for the Magical Eclipse/New Moon (taking place during Mercury Retrograde, no less!) to help make the most of the potential of this moment.

Mindful Ritual for the Magical Eclipse/New Moon: A Guide

Entering the journey

Travel or no travel, this eclipse is giving us the opportunity to go on a journey deep into ourselves and into a deepened state of awareness.

Before beginning, take time to sit and breathe quietly, to call on those who have been deemed your protectors in this life– Ask for protection and safety during this journey and ask that your allies and guides be with you in support.

If that all sounds too out-there for you, simply say a prayer and a wish that you, and all beings may be safe from harm.


Have an intention as we journey toward this moment of total darkness. Carry it as your guiding light in everything you do, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. This is a time to remove ego and let the heart and spirit guide you.

You may have a specific question you wish to ask of the Universe or a seed of intention to plant into the rich darkness of this cosmic moment. Let your intention guide any questions or sankalpa (a seed of intention created as a positive statement in the present tense), so that it may be created from the heart, rather than the ego.

Ask yourself this: What is your prayer? for your own life, for the world, for all beings… ? Let this intention guide you.


How will you make this moment sacred through sacrifice?

This is not any ordinary day. Think of how you would mark a major life event, a truly special or important day. Perhaps committing to no phone, no technology, or no social media? Perhaps an early bedtime and early rise time? Maybe a fasting or vegetarian day or sacrificing coffee for simple herbs or tea?

Let this question steer you toward an authentic sacrifice: What will help you feel more deeply tuned in to the events and small moments of the day?


How will you make this moment sacred through intentional creation of space & ritual?

Wherever you are– at home, in the car, at a park, remember to make your space feel sacred. If you’re traveling, consider bringing a sacred object or talisman with you. Maybe you’d like to bring some Tarot or Oracle cards to do a reading during the eclipse. Or bring nothing and let the spontaneity of the moment guide you to find a special rock or tree in the area where you land.

Personally, I feel that the moment itself will set the sacred tone– few, if any, additional objects will be needed and may actually only serve to distract from the more subtle aspects of the eclipse’s effects. So avoid clutter and move toward a powerful simplicity.

Ceremony: Is there something else you’ve been thinking or dreaming of doing that could be incorporated into the deepened meaning of this moment (shaving your hair, writing and burning a letter, getting a tattoo?) How can you plan for that to take place on or around Eclipse day?

Holding/Receiving a Vision

Commit to stillness in the moments of darkness. In those moments the world will shift and change.

Stephen J. O’Meara*, an avid eclipse chaser, says that the temperature will drop suddenly and animals may become confused and behave differently. Sit and breathe and be rooted and anchored, open and receptive to any blessing, answers, or supportive energies you may receive.

Feel that you are safe and protected and connected to everything. Consider a deep meditation in those moments: Choosing prayer, mantra, or silence, witnessing nature, planting a seed of intention for peace and love for all beings to grow from this moment forward. Try repeating the mantra: May all beings be happy, healthy, and free of suffering. 

Another tip for the moments of eclipse totality from O’Meara, the Eclipse pro?: Do nothing. Take no pictures. Resist the urge to “capture” this moment in any way other than to witness it with your whole being. 


In the moments and time after the eclipse, make time for rest, integration, contemplation, journalling, meditating, creating (music, art, ideas, etc). Resist the temptation to jump back to technology. Give yourself this time to steep in the magic. Don’t try to make sense of feelings, messages, or experiences just yet– just stay in the creative flow and let things emerge in their own time. Connect with the earth and yourself– and maybe a pet or loved one, too. (Feels!)

Exiting the journey

Remember to give gratitude for this experience and acknowledge the gifts of your safety and any insights or blessings you may have received. You may want to leave a gift or offering where you are. Decide how to best hold your vision or insights as you wind down your journey (vision boarding, mantra, etc)– keeping protection until feels like it can be released.

The path forward from here

Emerging from this experience we may have all sorts of new insights, heightened awareness and sensory experiences.
We may have intense emotions or desires to release stories or clear energies.

Cosmic events remind us of the powerful magic of our existence and that which is contained in our very essence. They remind us to look up, gain perspective, put our trust in something greater that we will be cared for and supported. These times remind us that we are connected and created from this jewel of a planet, where life is sustained through a delicate, magical dance of elements and spirit. This experience of grounding into the earth while expanding to the stars allows us to connect with the part of ourselves that is beyond all layers of ego and self.

Keep your vision in your line of sight. Create a vision board or write a mantra on a post-it note and put it somewhere you’ll see it. Change your phone background to something that reminds you of your vision, or journal or meditate on it every morning or evening for a week or a month and see how it evolves.

Moving forward, we can work to become more present, focusing our energy into acts of honoring the last days of light and summer bounty, enjoying creative activities and time with loved ones, honoring our lessons and our growth, seeking to evolve our understanding of our true nature and connection to all beings, and holding a vision of compassion and unity for ourselves, all beings, and the world.

Happy eclipsing, everyone!
With love, and a light in the darkness–

Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts and replies in the comments below. – xo
*Special thanks to Per for sharing the eclipse insights from Stephen J. O’Meara.

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