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How to find more ease through periods of change and movement

I just got back from two weeks in my hometown Austin, Texas and, while I enjoyed my vacation, I’ve never felt so happy to come back to Seattle and feel like I was really coming home.

Driving back to my apartment from the airport, the sun was just beginning to set, the clouds and sky were colored like a painting, and the mountains and trees created the most beautiful Northwest silhouettes. I felt an immense gratitude for my life.

And it feels good to have a home to come back to- some stability and consistency after two weeks of couch surfing and rambling without much of a plan. But I’m also aware of the undeniable feeling of change and movement in the air right now. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too–

Many of my friends are literally moving- changing homes, changing gears, moving on from relationships and jobs, letting go of things that have identified them or held them captive, moving ahead into new waters.

This year holds an incredible potential for transformation, but we have to be aware of what it is that we want to move toward and what habits and attitudes we are having trouble letting go of.

Here’s an exercise for you to try over the coming days and weeks that can help you prepare for the process: 
As we approach the apex of 2014:

1) Examine which habits are keeping you from doing what you want to do. Write them down, without judgement, without trying to change them yet.
2) Examine what attachments are creating struggle as change approaches. Write them down, without judgement, without feeling obligated to let go just yet.
3) Examine which thought patterns are keeping you from believing that you can become more and that you deserve to. Write them down, without judgement, without trying to rid yourself of them just yet.

This simple exercise helps you to begin your preparation for transformation– which, when dealing with big things like habits, thought patterns, and attachments, can be really scary.

So first we acknowledge what is there. We just take the time to see it for what it is, but without the need to create a judgement or comment about what it might mean about us.

We externalize it by writing it down (or talking about it). Externalizing these things diffuses the power they seem to have over us when they only live in our mind and deep in our bodies and psyche.

This process begins the unhooking, the unravelling, the unsticking, and release of our current relationship to these things, so that when the time comes to call upon your strength and courage to begin transforming them or letting them go, you are already several steps ahead.


Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts and replies in the comments below. – xo

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