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Hello and Thanks for your interest in working together!

I’m currently opening my schedule to:

– Teaching positions in like-minded yoga studios and healing spaces
– Opportunities to bring Treetrunkwise workshops to healing studios in Seattle & around the U.S.
– Co-facilitating positions in Yoga Teacher Trainings
– Retreat leadership & co-creation opportunities with fellow teachers

Here are just a few of the unique ways I can contribute to your studio or healing space: 

– Bring Mindfulness-based asana classes to your Studio’s schedule
– Lead recurring meditation series to enhance your Sangha’s yoga & wellness practices and sense of community
– Balance your studio’s dynamic asana offerings with deepened classes like Yin, Restorative, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra
– Offer unique, integrative workshops like Tarot as a Spiritual Practice, New Moon Ritual Yoga, Vibrant Chakras, Beginning Yoga & Meditation, and more
– Co-facilitate yoga teacher trainings, offering deepened teachings on Yoga philosophy (8 limbs, Yoga sutras), the Energetic body (chakras, nadis & koshas), bringing meditation to all aspects of the practice (including asana), complimentary practices such as Restorative & Yin, and teaching yoga to those with Trauma.
– Share Yoga & Mindfulness with Teens in your community
– Co-create and lead special events and one-of-a-kind retreat experiences


Want to know more about my credentials and experience?
Check out my Yoga Teacher Resume.

Co-facilitation of Yoga Teacher Trainings

I have been studying aspects of Yoga for nearly two decades and have been an earnest practitioner since 2004. Helping yoga-curious seekers deepen their understanding of yoga as a whole system is my passion. There are so many people joining the important work of sharing yoga through teaching in numerous trainings around the country. Offering these new teachers tools for understanding far beyond asana is crucial to the potential power of healing that yoga can offer.

I would love to help you give your teacher trainees a well-rounded understanding of the whole system of yoga that they’ll be teaching to others. I offer workshops and classes on Yoga philosophy (8 limbs, Yoga sutras), the Energetic body (chakras, nadis & koshas), bringing mindfulness and meditation to all aspects of the practice, including asana, complimentary practices such as Restorative & Yin, and teaching yoga to those with Trauma. 

Creative Leadership for Events & Retreats

I’m in my happy place when creating truly unique experiences for people to immerse themselves in! I have created numerous workshops, which I love every aspect of leading– from planning details, to space preparation and hosting duties, to pulling it all together as a cohesive, unforgettable experience. Have you been seeking a collaborator with whom to create an amazing retreat experience? Let’s talk and see if our ideas could come together to create something beautiful!

Other Skills (behind the scenes)

I’m a natural and gifted people person with a heart for service, a mind for business and a soul for connection. If you’re seeking someone to join your yoga family in an integral supportive role, I’d love to chat with you!

I’ve spent the last five years learning about best business marketing practices from content creation and newsletters to keeping your posts relevant on social media– all while maintaining a strong brand– and have previously worked in management, retail-buying, client services, and the natural wellness industry. Let me know if I might be of service to your studio.

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For any inquiries, please reach out to me here.
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