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Five Steps to Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home 

Spring, with its natural energies of creativity and renewal, is the perfect time for inviting some mindful ritual into the everyday.

Here’s a simple five step process to making a sacred space in your home (or at work) that will help you harness the potent and fiery energies of Spring and focus them into a powerful manifestation of your biggest, most beautiful ideas.

Step 1. Clean
It sounds mundane and boring, but clearing and cleaning a space really is the first step to invite in the potential for a sacred space. If we approach this act with intention and love, then we are already creating the first layer of magic. If a whole area or room seems too daunting, just choose one small spot– maybe a space on a bookshelf, a windowsill, or the top of your dresser.

Bring all of your focus to this one area. Clear everything off of it to create a blank slate, then wipe it clean– I like to use something fresh and inspiring, like a favorite essential oil blend. Then stand back and take a look and see how this area already sparkles, vibrates with energy, and looks totally new and full of potential.

Step 2. Prepare & Add Intention
The first step in our process dealt with clearing away what wasn’t needed. In this step we’ll begin to invite in what is. Now that you see and feel some new potential here, decide what your intention for the space will be. The more focused, the better. Remember, you can change this often, so don’t get stuck on trying to find something to last forever.

Will this be an altar to help you work toward a specific goal? To remember something great about yourself? To inspire a certain aspect of you to come forward? I like to burn some sage or incense to begin inviting a sacred tone. State your intention for the space as you do this.

Pause here.
If you do nothing more than this, you have already done something powerful. As we clear away the clutter and dust of a season in our space, we are doing the same thing in our minds. Just having a clean, clear space full of beautiful potential does wonders for our mind. If this feels big enough for you right now, you can skip ahead to Step 5.

Want to keep going? Let’s have some fun!

Step 3. Set the Stage
Now let’s set the stage for your sacred space. I love colors, so I always think it’s fun to start by laying out a piece of fabric or even paper that invites in the energy of that color. If your space has a natural wood tone that you like, maybe that’s your background. Try adding a backdrop. Maybe you want to sprinkle some flower petals here in the shape of a circle or bring in some branches or blooms to place in a way that delineates your space and begins to set the tone. Anything goes. Think of this as the set design for a magical play or party.

Step 4. Invite Inspiration
It’s important to have a clear intention and focus before you start adding objects to your space. You’ll want to use discernment and intuition here to help you decide who’s invited to this party. Follow what lights you up. This is just for you, after all. Your senses of wonder and joy are good guides; don’t be misguided by anything that feels like guilt or comparing yourself to others. Keep your collection simple and small, don’t over-clutter, and remember that you can trade objects out each day as inspiration guides you.

If you’re not sure what kinds of objects to place here, focus on connecting with the intention you laid out in Step 2. Is there a totem or object, a picture of an animal, person, or deity who inspires you toward this intention, a quote, a note, or a card from a Tarot or Oracle deck? Follow your heart and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful, meaningful collection of inspirations looking back at you. Here’s where you might feel some butterflies in your tummy– reactions of joy and excitement are a good sign!

Step 5. Be Present
Finally, make this space sacred by spending time here. This is a reflection of you, of your spirit, heart, and true self. When you spend even a few moments here connecting with this intention, you are reflecting this powerful knowledge back to yourself– that you already are that.  Meditation, prayer, chanting, mantra, and affirmation are all great ways to engage with your sacred space.

Visit often, notice your own reactions, thoughts, ideas, and feelings here, change it up as often as your creativity desires. When you’re ready, you can always choose a second area in your home (or balcony, porch, garden, etc!) to make sacred, and start the process all over again!

Have fun creating your sacred spaces! Once you’ve created yours, you can share a picture of it with me on Instagram using the tag #treetrunkwisespace and don’t forget to tag me @treetrunkwiseyoga !


Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts and replies in the comments below. – xo

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