Classes & Workshops

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UPCOMING EVENTS Sun, Jun 17, 2018: Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra @ Twist Yoga Edmonds, 6-7:45
PAST EVENTS Wed, Apr 11, 2018: Yin Yoga Nightcap @Twist Yoga Edmonds, 8-9pm
Wed, Apr 18, 2018: Yin Yoga Nightcap @Twist Yoga Edmonds, 8-9pm


Class Styles:

Gentle Hatha | Hatha Flow | Yin | Restorative | Nidra | Meditation

Each class is unique, blending creative movement sequences with the too-often overlooked meditative aspects of a yoga practice. Classes honor principles of integrity (with the supportive use of props and modifications) and empowerment (with tools for every-day stress-relief built into the class), and offer the potential for deep healing.


The Teacher:

Rachael teaches with a down-to-earth and inclusive approach, emphasizing mindfulness and exploration. She is passionate about helping each person find their own genuine way of connecting with the practice of yoga. Her creative and insightful teaching invites a sense of deeper connection, leaving students feeling relaxed, inspired, and more open. More here.