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Celebrating Spring with Ceremony and Ritual

Spring tulips

April showers bring May flowers.

… or at least that’s how the old adage tells it. But I look around and see flowers exploding all around me– on the ground, in the trees, in so many colors it could make you dizzy!

This is a special time of year. Everything is waking up, including ourselves. It feels easy to enjoy life when the sun is out, the birds are singing, and fresh foods are back on our tables after months of cooked root vegetables.

It’s a beautiful time to learn to learn the practice of bringing ceremony and ritual into your life to make every day special and every moment sacred.

Over the last several months, I’ve been experimenting with new ways to do this and I’m excited to share my insights and invitations with you as we connect through this letter, and hopefully in person in any of my offerings.

Late last year, I announced that I was working on an evolution of Treetrunkwise and ceremony plays a big role in that. All of my offerings are becoming more ceremonial in nature, which is to say that the role that sacred space and time plays in the offerings will be honored.

Each time we meet, whether for a group yoga class, a private tarot reading, or a healing session, you can be sure that the space you are entering is one that has been lovingly and mindfully prepared for our work together.

When we are in a space that has been cleansed, blessed, and prepared to allow us to be in our true nature together, the insight and healing that can occur there is nothing short of Magic.

Sacred time also plays a role. Ceremony naturally has a beginning and an end point and when we are in the time between those two points, we are in a divine time, rich with potential. When we are in ceremony together, we can treat everything as sacred and meaningful, and we can feel held, validated, and empowered.

But ceremony doesn’t have to have a serious mood. As long as we are fully present with open hearts and minds, ceremony can be a joyful, celebratory, even silly time! Indeed, we can feel relaxed, full of ease, more allowed to be ourselves without pretense or ego, and more able to enjoy each unique moment for what it is. And that, be it’s very nature, is a truly joyful place to be!

What do ceremony and ritual mean to you and how do they play a role in your life? I’m so curious about this question and would love to hear your personal experience.


Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts and replies in the comments below. – xo

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