Autumn Alchemy

+ Soon we’ll bid farewell to Summer and turn to welcome the inspirational magic of Fall. As one door closes, another opens. So it is with the changing of each season.

+ But within that seemingly brief transition, there is so much for us to learn if we are Awake. . .


Autumn Alchemy, the powerful 4+ week Series returns this Fall

+ Harnessing the inspiring energy of the Fall transition, Autumn Alchemy brings you into the moment as you’ve never experienced before– with practical, structured, proven-to-work practices, and with creative, inspiring, magical rituals. . .

+ Discover the secrets to turning Summer’s bounty of love, joy, and abundance into Autumn’s Gold of inspiration, gratitude, and the big transformation you’ve been seeking. . .

+ Prepare yourself to move into Winter more mindfully, gracefully, and joyfully, with the sustainable energy of one who is made of stardust while grounded by earth. . .


Autumn Alchemy is for you if:

+ You extoll the virtues of Summer only to wake up in Winter feeling down and hopeless

+ You rush toward the pumpkins and sweaters of Fall, but spend the Winter wishing you were elsewhere

+ You love how inspired you feel in the Fall and you want to create something lasting from that inspiration

+ You are longing to make a big change or manifest a big dream in your life, but don’t know where or how to begin

+ You want to be in on the secrets of the seekers who do the small things each day to make the big magic happen

+ You are seeking some magic in your life that feels real, attainable, and completely awe-inspiring


Are you in?


Join the Magic

Over 4 weeks of inspiration, magic, and grounding ritual in your inbox, plus bonus material and personal support from Rachael from beginning to end of your transformational process. Join from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

PLUS: New this year: The Secret Alchemists’ Facebook group will allow you to connect with others going through the rituals, post photos, ask questions, share insights and more! 


Alchemist Praise

“Your lovely writing, mindful design, and kind reaching out, as well as your attentiveness to your intuitive process, which was apparent, and helped to enable and encourage my own process.” – Anonymous

“I am still enjoying and learning from your autumn Alchemy class, which is showing me the importance of living in the moment and the importance of the sacredness life has to offer. Thank you SO much!” – MD

“I finished up the fourth installment when I was on retreat by myself last week and it was perfect. Thanks so much for your hard work and thoughtfulness and intuition.” – MG

“A powerful and reflective experience, one which I am excited to revisit. The readings were moving, the exercises were meaningful, and I found the emails in my inbox to be like a meditation bell, bringing me mindfully back to my center. Transformative” – CM



In the wake of the unfolding disaster in my home state, Texas, I have decided to offer entry into this year’s Autumn Alchemy experience for FREE when you send me a proof of your donation of any amount to any charity that is directly working to support Texans recovering from Hurricane Harvey. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to give back to the home that raised me and to encourage a deeper connection across our entire country. Catastrophic flooding has also affected large regions of India, and in the spirit of UNITY and the roots of Yoga & Buddhism, I will also be accepting your receipts for donations to charities working there. Simply send me a screen shot or photo or your donation receipt via email and I’ll respond with your confirmation.


See you inside, Alchemist!