Welcome to Treetrunkwise– a place and a philosophy where Mindfulness and Magic merge to create a powerful experience as unique as you are.

Here, you’ll find the perfect blend of practical tools and inspired rituals that come together to create real potential for change, healing, transformation, and living a better life.

Hello! I’m Rachael Sage, the creator of Treetrunkwise.

Whether you’re here to begin or to go deeper, to learn or to bring about an important shift, I’m so happy you’ve found your way here– and I look forward to connecting with you on your journey.


What does ‘Treetrunkwise’ mean?

Treetrunkwise is a word that describes the experience of self-realization and growth into our own unique wisdom. It’s a process that occurs naturally when we find our center and begin to live from that point. 

The suffix –wise can denote a direction of movement (clockwise/lengthwise) or to orient us within a broader area or topic (career-wise/weather-wise)… When we are growing or orienting treetrunkwise, we are expanding in all directions from our center– the same way a tree trunk grows rings, radiating ever-outward from a center of heart-wood.

Treetrunkwise is a way of being, living, and growing:
It’s centering inward to radiate outward in all directions.
It’s becoming firmly rooted in the earth and grounded in our embodied lives while connecting to the stars and sky, our dreams, and our sense of spirituality.
It’s practicality mixed with creativity. It’s foundations touched by flow.
It’s the healing alchemy of Mindfulness and Magic. 

What is Offered?

I offer welcoming space and experienced guidance for self-exploration, healing, and empowered transformation through:

Yoga & Meditation
• Mindfulness Practices
Tarot & Oracle Work
• Aromatherapy & Energy Work
• Ritual & Ceremony
Writing, Speaking, & Teaching
• Event Officiation


Here are the five most important principles I weave into my work:


Connection is one of the greatest and most exciting principles of magic. Everything begins here. Connectivity is the great conductor of energy, healing, and love. No two connections are ever identical, even between the same two people, so the possibilities for finding new things to work with are limitless. As a connection builds, so does trust, openness, and vulnerability and creative potential. Connection embodies: trust, energy, relation, nature, spirit, magic.


Communication is much more than listening and speaking; It’s becoming fluent in another’s unique language, so that we may fully hear, understand, witness, and hold all that’s being shared, while clarifying ideas to their most powerful form of expressive energy. Communication is most powerful when it is balanced, accepting, truthful, kind, and compassionate. Communication embodies: truth, clarity, balance, compassion.


Awareness is our natural state; when we begin to understand Awareness as our true nature, thought loses its power over us and we can relax more fully into each moment. Mindfulness offers us a tool to return to our Awareness again and again, each time expanding our understand of our self, our surroundings, and our experience. Each moment of our life can be enhanced by connecting more deeply with our Awareness. Awareness embodies: experience, expansion, deepening, Self-understanding.


You contain your own greatest potential for for change and healing. Empowering means guiding you discover this potential in yourself, giving you practical tools that you can use anytime, anywhere. Empowerment is giving you a strong foundation on which to stand with your own two feet, inspiring you to tap into your own gifts and powers. Empowerment embodies: grounding, integrity, power, strength-building.


As long as we are inside these bodies and these minds, we have the potential to change, to evolve, and to grow. Transformation can be a process of healing and releasing old wounds. It can be a process of discovering our purpose and learning to step into it. It can be releasing part of our identity to step into a truer version of ourselves. Transformation rarely leads us where we think it will. Being present for the journey is ultimately what leads to the transformation itself. Transformation embodies: shifts, healing, insight, transcendence, release, growth.

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