We are all seeking a light to guide us forward, out of darkness and into purpose. How we react to our pain and who we believe ourselves to be will ultimately be the light– or darkness– that accompanies us in life. Learning to access our deepest truth and potential makes us our own greatest ally on that path.


My name is Rachael Sage.

I connect People to their own light, truth, and healing potential. I create Sacred Space where we can meet ourselves where we are and plant the seeds of transformation. I work with people who want to feel empowered in their own process– to create real and powerful shifts in their lives through a deepened connection with their own truth, well-being, and purpose.

Earth & Sky

I was born with the Sun in Pisces, the Moon in Virgo, and Capricorn Rising.

I am a natural mystic at heart and a believer in the magical connectivity of the Universe. I have a gift of connecting with people that allows me to find the best ways of working with an individual and to bring that into our time together.

I also love helping people work with esoteric ideas and energies in a more practical, relatable way. My goal is to help you find your own unique balance between practical knowledge and a renewed sense of spirit– the perfect blend of empowerment and magic you need to create real healing and transformation in your life.

Let’s take the next step in your mindful, magical, healing journey together.

Ways to Work with Me

There are many paths on which to begin your healing journey. I work with Yoga & Meditation, Tarot, Reiki & Aromatherapy, and Ceremony, and I see all of these these as different paths to the same thing– discovering more of your own truth and connecting more deeply with your own innate healing power.

These can also be blended together to create something special that truly works for you. To schedule your private appointment, visit the online scheduler. To see group class offerings, workshops and other upcoming events, please visit the Classes page.

If you’re not sure where to start, let’s figure it out together! Just send me a quick note to let me know a little about you and what you’re looking for, and we’ll get started together. I look forward to hearing from you.

Treetrunkwise: The Story Behind the Name

People often ask me about the name Treetrunkwise. It came to me many years ago after a magical encounter and has since encompassed many of my creative paths. The word speaks to the growth we experience when we find our centers and begin to grow outward in all directions– a radiant growth, like that of a tree (as studied in dendrochronology).

Additionally (because I’m a word nerd) I love that the suffix –wise can be used to denote a direction of movement (as in clockwise or lengthwise) or to orient us within a broader area or topic (such as health-wise, weather-wise, or life-wise). When we are growing or orienting Treetrunkwise, we are centering inward to radiate outward in all directions.

Inspiration & Gratitude

To all of my life teachers in all of their many forms, I dedicate my practice and a heartfelt bow of immense gratitude. Special thanks to the teachers who have guided and supported me on my Yoga and healing journey and who have all inspired the manifestation of Treetrunkwise in its current form: Keith Kachtick, Camilla Figueroa, Kelly Lindsey, Cosetta Romani, Daisy Thompson, Hala Khouri & Seane Corn.