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A Moment of Pause: Reflections on 2016

It’s always tough to know what to say at the end of a year, but this year seems especially difficult.

2016 will be remembered for the loss of some of our greatest artists and voices, for bringing conversations around social justice to the forefront while injustice has raged on in unthinkable ways, and– perhaps most of all– for being the year that changed the face of our nation and reinvigorated our passion for the good fight.

Personally, I walked through some personal fires, pushed myself to continue to grow, made space for silence, stillness, and rest, and spent some really special time with friends and family that I’ll never forget.

As we each look back over our individual experiences this year, it is my hope that we can find the moments of joy, accomplishment, connection, love, strength, and growth in between the rough spots.

It’s so important to take this time to recommit to our own well-being and our practices of self-care before we find ourselves rushing into another new year. Learning to slow down, to hear and to know the voice of our own heart and soul, learning to recognize stress and imbalance and to gently bring ourselves into more harmony with nature and simplicity– these lessons never go out of style and it’s never the wrong time to practice them.

Just like flight attendants always remind us, it’s important to make sure our own air mask is working before trying to assist others. When we begin to see our self care as necessary rather than indulgent and enjoyable rather than challenging, we’ll finally be able to be stronger, more balanced, more peaceful and harmonious, and more in alignment with our own true nature and purpose.

Take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the ground. Look around you and find three things to be grateful for. Return to this simple practice whenever you need to feel calmer and more grounded.

As we approach the coming weeks of holiday observances, of the longest night and the shift into Winter, and of the turn of the page to a new year, I wish you many moments of peaceful, present enjoyment. May you have a beautiful and peaceful December.


Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts and replies in the comments below. – xo

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