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12 Days of Insight: Day 9

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✨~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~✨

DAY 9:

Deck: Connected & Free Oracle
Reading and Photo 
by Rachael of Treetrunkwise
The 7 Major Chakras 


For today’s reading we are checking in with our energetic body and how it affects the way we show up in the world– for ourselves and with others. The seven major chakras, which resonate along the spinal column, each have a message of balance to share with us. Deficiency and excess in these areas can lead to difficulties in life. When left untended to, they can even lead to physical illnesses. Although these living energy centers are constantly in movement and flux, it’s important to take time regularly to check in with these unique parts of ourselves to bring more balance where needed through meditation, cleansing, and healing.

Love, Rachael

Choose one or more card that resonates with you, then read your chakra message for today. Choosing 1 card is enough for this reading, as it will allow you to focus strongly on a single message. Choose no more than 3 cards to keep your message focused and clear.

IMPORTANT: The cards are not in order of chakra placement nor do the numbers correspond to their placement, so let go of the mental process as you drop in more deeply to simply feel the resonance of each card.

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Being drawn to a certain card does not necessarily mean that you have an imbalance in that chakra. Today’s reading is simply about messages, so listen to the simple message from your chosen card and meditate on how you might incorporate its wisdom into your day. You can use the message as a mantra in meditation or as you move through your day. Journaling can also help you dig deeper by unlocking the subconscious mind and it’s wisdom.

Chakra Messages: 

Card 1 : Crown Chakra: I am a Light Being, made of Stardust and connected to everything in the great flow of the Universe. Spirit is my true nature, and that true nature is Love, Truth, Light, and Peace. When I pray, meditate, and seek to connect with that which is beyond the body and the mind, I am free.

Card 2: Throat Chakra: I express myself in this world with openness and harmony. When I stand firmly in truth and speak with integrity, I create harmony within and without. I listen with open ears and I speak with a clear heart.

Card 3: Solar Plexus Chakra: I am here for a reason and that reason is my soul’s purpose. My purpose and my will to manifest that purpose in all I do make me a light on this earth, for myself and for others. I am strong and capable.

Card 4: Root Chakra: I am connected to the earth and made of the earth. I belong here and I am welcome here. The earth provides for me, feeds me, shelters and clothes me. I am safe and provided for, and I provide for and keep others safe in return. I stand on the earth with my own two feet. Everything I need, I have.

Card 5: Sacral Chakra: I am an expression of the sacred creativity of that which is divine and universal. I am creativity in motion, and wherever I go, I create. By sharing my gifts with the world and with others, I experience connection and pleasure.

Card 6: Heart Chakra: My heart is the center of my connection to the heavens and the earth. Where these two world’s meet is within me. I open my heart and my hands and I receive love. I open my arms in embrace and I give love. Love flows freely through me in an infinite dance of ebb and flow.

Card 7: Third Eye Chakra: I am my own guide. When I seek answers, I only need to search within to find them. When I reconnect to the wisdom that flows through me, I see all things as they are. Knowledge becomes wisdom with I look within.

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Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how this reading resonated or inspired you! 🙂 

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