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12 Days of Insight: Day 8

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✨~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~✨

DAY 8:

Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot
Reading and Photo 
by Rachael of Treetrunkwise
Ace of Pentacles


What a beautifully perfect message for today! Today, on the day of the Solstice in which we reach our shortest day and our longest night of the year, we welcome Winter, the season associated with earth and earthly elements. Winter gives us a reprieve, and permission to rest, be still, go inward, even hibernate in order to restore our bodies and spirits. Associated with the direction of the North, Winter is also associated with the gross (as opposed to subtle) body– our bones, skin, teeth, hair– and that which is solid and structural in nature– the ground, rocks, soil, mountains, trees, roots.

The Ace of Pentacles calls on us to remember what it means to be grounded and to point the way to that connection. Root vegetables and hearty solid earth foods, slow movement and stillness, a soft downward or inward gaze, silence and quiet, rest and restoration. Throughout the rest of the year, we find ourselves wishing we could take a moment to be still, rest, and reflect. Winter gives us permission and an invitation to do this. She pares down the earth’s bounty of offerings, simplifying things for our bodies and minds. She covers the earth in blankets of snow, reminding us that it is time for rest and comfort.

She supports us fully- the more we can trust and be held by her form and energy, the more she repays us with the treasures of the Ace of Pentacles: a healthy and prosperous home, a grounded and nourished body, and the simple pleasures we find in our work, craft, and creativity. //

Ask yourself these questions today, and allow yourself time and space to quietly reflect on the answers. Journaling can be deeply insightful.

  1. How and when do I truly allow myself to rest (body, eyes, ears, brain, heart…)?
  2. In what ways do I experience a connection to the earth each day in my life?
  3. If Winter offers a sacred space in which to rest, heal, restore, and prepare, what intention can I set today to devote myself to the acceptance of this offering for the rest of the season? Or perhaps, from what do I wish to rest, heal or restore, or what it is that I wish to prepare for?

Love, Rachael

Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how this reading resonated or inspired you!

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