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12 Days of Insight: Day 6

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~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~

DAY 6:
Deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans
Reading and Photo by Rachael of Treetrunkwise

Cards: 4 of Pentacles // 10 of Pentacles, Reversed : 2 of Pentacles, Reversed

Pentacles, Pentacles, Pentacles! As we move into the earth element season of winter in just two days, our energies naturally begin to gravitate toward the tangible. This beautiful time of year is a good time to reflect on what we have and what we buy and give as gifts. We must be careful of mindless accumulation and of a need to express ourselves through material purchases.

Challenges: If we proceed mindlessly, we risk needless problems that can take our home, family, and finances out of their desired states of balance. On the one hand, we can get caught in a spending cycle that causes unforeseen financial issues, which can even lead to disagreements on the home front. On the other hand, we can become more and more impulsive, scattered, and overwhelmed by trying to keep up a mindlessly frantic pace.

Solutions: Take at least a few moments each day during this season to check in on your bank balance and debt balances. Simply having these in mind can make us more mindful of how and where we spend. Check your refrigerator and cupboards and find what you can use. This is a practice in abundant thinking as well as in mindful living. We have supportive earth energy working in our favor to have a sound, balanced wallet and a clear and easy mind. Honor Christmases-past, as well as Winters-past, where even the gift of an orange or a candy was treasured for its special value and where time spent together was the best kind of spending one could engage in.

// Love, Rachael

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