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12 Days of Insight: Day 2

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~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~

DAY 2:

Shadow-Self message:
Card: The Fool

Today we are prone to experience the shadow aspects of the Fool. Although a positive and innocent character, the Fool can experience the pitfalls of naiveté, foolishness, and lack of attention. He stands on a precipice, awaiting the first step of a journey, but the shadow self pulls the Fool out of the present moment and into a journey of the ego-mind– into the past and the future, leaving him unaware of the realities of his present. Without being present as he takes his first step, the Fool is all too susceptible to missteps, traps, and injuries– sabotaging his journey before it has even begun. While the emptiness of the Fool in it’s lighter aspects represents his openness to all possibility, in its shadow aspects this emptiness is an inherent lack of practice in employing discernment.

To avoid injury, mistakes, or setbacks today, be mindful in the small things throughout the day– in each step you take, each breath and bite you take, each word you speak, and each thought you think. Be careful while completing small tasks, and pay attention while walking, biking, and driving.  Allow a few moments of breathing and checking-in before making important moves or decisions.

Light-Self message:
Card: 4 of Brooms

Today we are reminded that life is made up not of the big moments, but of the small ones. If we wait until the final stage of anything to acknowledge our growth, accomplishments, and joys, we miss opportunities to experience this acknowledgement and celebration when it matters most– in the moment! The 4 of Brooms asks us to pause today and take time to acknowledge what is good, what is accomplished, and what deserves celebrating. If your inner critic tells you that you don’t deserve to celebrate or feel accomplished, today is the day to tell him or her: I disagree, and I choose to allow myself to feel good about things today, whatever various states they may be in.

The 4 of Brooms is also a card of structure and planning, reminding us that if we want more time off for family, rest or hobbies, we must schedule it and follow through with the unwavering devotion that we would give to an important ceremony, like a wedding, birth, or funeral. Yes, that’s right! We must give ourselves the time and space to honor and celebrate all of the parts of our lives while we are living them– not just the first day, last day, and a few days in between. So, what are you celebrating today?

Tarot Deck and Artwork: The Ghetto Tarot by Alice Smeets and Atis Rezistans (Haitian artist collective)
Reading and Photo by Rachael of Treetrunkwise

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