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12 Days of Insight: Day 12

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~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~

DAY 12:
Deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans
Reading and Photo by Rachael of Treetrunkwise
Theme: The Divine Energies of Our Christmas Story

Today’s Special Christmas Day reading is for everyone, whatever we may or may not celebrate at this time of year. Ancient Stories hold within them the teachings of Divine Wisdom. The Story of the birth of the Christ Child holds many such teachings, which offer us opportunities to connect with these messages as they resonate with us now. In this reading, I have asked for messages relevant to the energies of the world now, in four areas of this sacred story: Divine Guidance (the Star of Bethlehem), Divine Birth (conception, birth, and the gift of the Christ Child), Divine Love (Universal Love and Generosity), and Divine Wisdom (the three Wisemen). These messages speak to our own stories of journey, hope, creativity, love, and wisdom.

Sacred Symbols:
Divine Guidance (The Star)
Divine Birth (The Christ Child)
Divine Love (Connection to Source)
Divine Wisdom (Gifts of the Wise Men) 

Messages: How beautiful to have these feminine aspects embracing each end of this reading, and to have the two cups which are closest to the Ace of Cups (still carrying some of its overflowing energy of Universal Love) forming the center. Such warm and loving energy!

Guidance: Daughter of Swords:
Just as the stars can act as guides on our outer journey, we have a an infinite and expansive Universe within to guide our inner journey. The Daughter of Swords is highly connected to this inner universe. She is a curious observer of inner and outer worlds, seeing them with a sense of wonder and openness. She reminds us to see Truth without learned labels or judgements and to be curious about our inner universe in order to discover the insights that will ultimately guide us like stars in a night sky. Tap into your vast inner landscape and see the world through a sense of intuitive truth.

Birth: 3 of Cups: Three is the number of creative expression, a coming into being from idea form. What a wonderful number to herald the message of our birth! Birth is a joyful occasion which follows a long period of conception, gestation, and labor. Whatever we are currently working on birthing, this card brings a joyful message of connection, community, shared wisdom, and assistance. We cannot do this work alone. We must draw strength from those who have come before us and those who are offering their support. Reach out to your community to seek connection, strength and support and you can do more than you ever dreamed possible.

Love: 2 of Cups: Two is a number of relation, exchange, balance, and duality. It’s a perfect number to bring a message of Connection to our Source through Divine Love. In the number two, we recognize the only dualistic nature of Universal love– that it flows both in the direction of giving as well as receiving. When both are flowing in unison, we are in balance. This card asks us to release blockages that are preventing this equal flow. Over-givers run the risk of burn-out and martyrdom. Over-receivers run the risk of entitlement or victimization. Identify where your blocks lie and practice the opposite of your habitual direction of flow. 

Wisdom: Mother of Wands: Wisdom often comes in the form of a parent, and in this case the Mother of Wands brings us the wisdom of the creative path. Protective of her “children”, the ideas and creations she has lovingly birthed, this Mother defends her position as a fiercely passionate, creative soul blazing her own trail in the world. She does not burden her creative pursuits with expectation or fear of rejection. She understands that, like her own skin, the nature of all form is temporary, to be shed in the re-birthing process. Release fear and attachment around all aspects of your creative self, and be proud of the life and beauty which you create just by being here.


Thank you so much for joining me for 12 Days of Insight! Wishing you a most heart-warming season, filled with treasures of love, abundance, hope, awareness, and personal growth. Whatever sacred story you connect with during this special time of year, I hope you will find these messages resonant, inspiring, and healing. Cheers!

// Love, Rachael

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