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12 Days of Insight: Day 11

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~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~

DAY 11:
Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot
Reading and Photo by Rachael of Treetrunkwise
Theme: Astral Energies

In today’s reading, we are checking in with the cosmic and astral energies at play in each of us. Just as heavenly bodies are in constant movement, these energies move through us bringing different aspects of the universe expressed through the unique energies of that specific body. These messages highlight where three body energies are at the moment and what insight or wisdom we can find in each of them within their current positions.

Cards and Messages:

Sun-energy Message: 8 of Pentacles: Sun energy is the vibrant, radiant and warm source that brings us to life and that feeds our bodies and souls through expressions of creativity in forms of food, purpose, and inner light. It is energy of manifestation and outward connection and expression. In the darkest months of the year, it is crucial that we connect with our inner source of this radiance and fire to keep us alive and alight. The current sun energy can be harnessed through simple acts of crafting and creating. Learn how to make something, learn how something works, tinker, craft, cook, create! Use your hands and invest all of your senses into a playful time engaging with the act of making. Lose yourself in this simple joy and the expressive, warming, brightening, energy of the Sun will shine in all that you do.

Moon-energy Message: Knight of Swords: Moon energy is often connected with illusion or the strange symbols of a dreamworld; however, the moon energy to be harnessed at this time is quick, clear, and highly insightful. Tomorrow’s Full Moon– the first to fall on Christmas Day since 1977– is in its home of Cancer, a cardinal sign that brings the energy of initiation and forward movement, but also moodiness and outward strikes. Harness this moon energy for inner work of meditation, especially around family and relationships– this is a powerful time for striking out and releasing negative thoughts, habits, and patterns and for capturing lightning bolts of insight that come from illumination in the dark.

Star-energy Message: The Hanged Man: Stars guide our perspective and our sense of place. They connect with us through their light, which feels so familiar to us because it *is* us. Stars remind us of our magical origins, allowing us to tap back into a place of openness from which we can freely express our hopes and dreams. The Hanged Man playfully asks us suspend our belief systems in order to expand our perspective: Are we wishing on the stars or are the stars wishing on us? Are we looking up at them or are they looking up at us? Star energy is the energy of magic, hope, dreams, and faith. The current energy offers us the opportunity to evolve how we perceive our entire experience. What if the stars are hoping for *us* to create magic or to light the way? Ask yourself how you can best relax into these playful questions, and how to turn them into clear, valuable insights.

// Love, Rachael

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