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12 Days of Insight: Day 10

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~12 Days of Insight for a mindful and peaceful holiday season~

DAY 10:
Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot
Reading and Photo by Rachael of Treetrunkwise
Reading Theme: Gifts of the Season

Once again, I don’t think more perfect cards could have popped up for today’s reading, which focuses on the gifts of the season. Enjoy!
// Love, Rachael

Cards and Messages: 

Q. (L) Where can we focus our energy of receiving at this time?
9 of Cups: Plenty/Contentment.  This season we have many opportunities to count our blessings, enjoy the moment, and feel content with all that we have in life. We receive so much love and connection this time of year in the form of cards, calls, visits, and special meals with loved ones. If we are able to be in a space of contentment and appreciation, this time can truly feed and nourish our hearts and souls before we move into the deeper parts of Winter. The 9 of cups is a full heart, a content belly, a merry disposition, and a warm feeling of celebration. Enjoy the brightness and soak it up!

Q. (R) Where can we focus our energy of giving at this time?
5 of Pentacles: Suffering/Isolation. With all of that reflection on our own abundance, we realize that there are so many who are less fortunate. With our hearts being so fed and filled with love and gratitude, they seem to open more easily into a space of compassion. The 5 of Pentacles is the card of suffering and isolation. Our hearts can be the warm sanctuary in which to invite all beings this time of year. Our energy of giving is guided by a sense of humble service, of abundance, and of heart-warming sanctuary as we reflect on who we feel called to serve and how we feel moved to serve them.


Q. (C) What energy is the Universe making available to us at this time? 
A. Ace of Cups: Universal Love/Connection. Is there any time of year that is more focused on Universal Love? Many cultures and religions have used this time of year to create rituals of light, love, hope, rebirth, joy, and giving and receiving. Throughout our lives, we create systems and labels to separate each other in different ways. The message today is to take time to reflect on all the ways we are connected to each other. Turn down the noise of hate, separation, difference, and fear wherever you find yourself through the day, and turn up the volume on goodness, kindness, laughter, compassion, joy and love. Universal Love is buzzing in the atmosphere right now. Expand your Awareness and allow this concentrated energy to flow freely through your heart, your mind, your hands, your perceptions. By doing this, you are also elevating the collective energy and making it easier for others to experience.

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